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In Ramayana, what is the name of Sita Devi's mother (King Janaka's wife) ?




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Sita Devi was born as daughter of Mother Earth.Sunetra is the name of King Janaka's wife.


Mother Earth,Bhumidevi / Sunayana


The name of Sita Devi's Mother (King Janaka's Wife) in Ramayana is "Sunaina".


i havent heard Sita devi's mothers name in any pravachan or from elders. but in internet i read it as BHUDEVI.i dont know much about it.


Janaka, King of Mithila, found sita while ploughing the field. Hence she was called Sita the ploughed woman. So Janaka\'s wife was not the mother of sita. Story has it that Sita was Ravana and Mandothari\'s daughter from a boon he received from the divine mother. After she was born astrologers fortold that his daughter will be the cause of his death. Out of fear he put her into a box and threw her into the sea. The box floated and landed in Mithila. Janaka having no children consulted Sage Naradha and upon his advise the field was ploughed and Sita was found. Nothing is mentioned about Janaka\'s wife.


baby sita was found at boomi by king janaka. so sita was not born for janaka\'s wife.

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