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'Namayana' - the way!

Divine experiences of devotees seeking Sri Sri Swamiji's blessings and chanting the Mahamantra
When the devotee Sabhari came home....
Lakshmi Mahesh, USA

Radhe Radhe,

On our recent trip to India, we were fortunate to have dharshan and blessings of our Guru Maharaj many times at Premika Bhavanam and Madhurapuri Ashram. We would like to share one interesting anubhava happened during our stay in Trichy.  

On 21st November 2011, being Ekadasi day, by Guruji's grace we happened to visit Trichy Namadwaar and was fortunate to witness tirumanjanam of Radha-Krishna deities. We were there for couple of hours chanting the Mahamantra along with other devotees. At the end, when it was my turn to get thulasi theertham, Bhagavathadasji closed his eyes for a moment and told me that "Bhagawan wishes to come to your house and let me know your convenient time so that we can come home”. For a moment I was awestruck and at loss of words. After discussing couple of dates, I asked him if they could come to our house the same evening. And he said yes @ 4.00 P.M today. We both came back home around 1.45 P.M and informed my in-laws about Bhagawan's visit and they were equally thrilled and excited. In the next couple of hours we were all very busy getting our house prepared for Bhagawan's visit on Ekadasi.

Meantime around 3.30 P.M, a north-Indian (Hindi speaking) old lady beggar with torn clothes came in front of our house asking for water. My mother-in-law gave her a bottle of water and came in. Within few minutes she again prompted asking for more water. My mother-in-law went inside to get some of her old sarees and gave it to her. She also got bananas, roti and dhal for her to eat. She happily ate them, wiped her hands on the floor making that place untidy and asked for more water. This time, my mother-in-law came out with a big vessel full of water and kept near her. Our neighbours got little uncomfortable by seeing her acts and tried to drive her away but she refused to move from the entrance of our house. It was past 4.00 PM and we were all ready with few of our neighbours to welcome our beloved Radha and Krishna deities.  

As soon as Bhagawan came to our house, this old lady prompted that she wishes to come in to our house. My father-in-law asked her to come in and said if we all have the right to have Bhagawan’s darshan, so does her and let her come inside and sit in one of the corners. Everyone started chanting the Mahamantra for about 45 minutes. After that Bhagavathadasji gave a beautiful pravachan on Sabhari Moksham and the greatness of Rama Nama. The satsang came to an end after distributing prasad to everyone including this old lady and Bhagawan left home few minutes later. To our surprise, this old lady waited till Bhagawan left, came out blessed all four of us by raising her hands and left home without anyone asking her to leave.

Right after coming inside, we all felt it was none other than Sabhari who had come to our house to witness the entire episode and bless us all.

Pranams to the Lotus Feet of our Guru Maharaj for giving us Mahamantra and Satsangs in our life.

Jai Sadguru!!                        

Laxmi Mahesh

January 9th, 2012

A fire-lantern not only illuminates but also provides us heat, though unintended. A gas stove provides us light in addition to the heat that we intended to get out of it. Likewise, Namakirtan performed with worldly benefits in mind also leads us to salvation and Namakirtan performed with the intention of earning Salvation also brings in worldly comforts.

                                                                                                                                -- His Holiness Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji 
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