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'Namayana' - the way!

Divine experiences of devotees seeking Sri Sri Swamiji's blessings and chanting the Mahamantra
Mahamantra in'sight'!
Sridevi Ramanan, USA

My friend, Satya, who resides in Virginia,USA participates actively in our regular weekly satsangs.She was little sad when I spoke to last month.Her daughter who was 6 year old suffered from vision problem from her child birth.Satya had taken her daughter to couple of eye specialists from her birth till now.Recently the kid's pediatrian suggested Satya to check her daughter's vision with an eye specialist and had mentioned that the eye problem is severe now and child might need to undergo surgery immediately.Satya was upset when she happend to hear this. Adiyen asked her to chant Mahamantra 11 times before going to eye check.She and her child chanted Mahamantra with full faith.The next day, she called up and happily informed me a sweet news that the eye specialist have asked the child to have powered glasses for next few months and specialist might check back again and decide as what needs to be done based on child's eye condition.Also specialist had not mentioned even a word about surgery.We were all so excited after hearing this.Mahamantra chanted even few times also, makes wonders.We truly realised that to chant Mahamantra is no restriction of place,time etc.Prayers made from anywhere will be answered. Our humble pranams to the lotus feet of our GuruMaharaj!

Radhe Radhe
Sridevi Ramanan
Richmond VA

February 4th, 2012

A fire-lantern not only illuminates but also provides us heat, though unintended. A gas stove provides us light in addition to the heat that we intended to get out of it. Likewise, Namakirtan performed with worldly benefits in mind also leads us to salvation and Namakirtan performed with the intention of earning Salvation also brings in worldly comforts.

                                                                                                                                -- His Holiness Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji 
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