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HH Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji     

Ashada Ekadasi - July 8
Guru Poornima @ Madhurapuri Ashram- July 12
8-11 am: Puja and Thirtha Prasadam
4-6 pm: Lecture on Guru Mahima
7-9 pm: Guru Kirtans
Mahamantra Kirtan will be performed continuously during the interval periods.
Puranava 2014
Inter-district Quiz Competition unveiling the marvels and treasures of Indian heritage and culture - "Puranava 2014" . click here for details.
Sri Bhagyaji's Malaysia & Singapore Satsangs
  • Madhura Utsav Conclusion at KL ND, Malaysia
  • Home Satsangs in Malaysia
  • Madhura Utsav Day 2 at KL ND, Malaysia
  • Madhura Utsav Day 1 in Malaysia
  • Mass prayer at Divine Life Society, Batu Caves Malaysia
  • Home satsangh at Subang Jaya, Malaysia
  • School Mass Prayer at Carrie Island School, Malaysia
  • Home Satsang in Subang Jaya
  • Home Satsang at Subang, Malaysia
  • Mass Prayer at Ijok Shivan Koil, Malaysia
Satsangs around the World
'Radhe Radhe' program in Minneapolis, USA

The Twin Cities in the state of Minnesota in USA experienced a scintillating performance of traditional Indian Dance on the evening of Sunday, June 8th, 2014 at the Southern Theater in Minneapolis.

Artists from Seattle, Houston and elsewhere joined the local talents under the banner of "Flute and Feather Dance Company" to give the audience an experience of a superlative expression of divinity - divine love in separation through "Radhe Radhe".

A beautiful garland of divine love of Radha-Krishna strung with the divine kirtans of HH Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji was presented in the form of an Indian traditonal dance ballet called "Radhe Radhe". Mrs. Priya Murali of Minneapolis oraganized and directed the program while Ms. Surabi Veeraraghavan of Houston choreographed the dance and Mrs. Uma Ranganathan was in charge of the music.

  Click here for more a detailed report and more pictures
Poornimaji's NZ/Australia Satsangs
Sri Poornimaji will be visiting Australia and Newzealand during May-August 2014 according to the following schedule:


May 31 - June 18: Wellington, NZ
June 19 - June 26: Sydney, Australia
June 27 - July 17: Melbourne, Australia
July 18 - July 20: Adelaide, Australia
July 21 - Aug 10: Auckland, NZ


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Cherished Memoirs

Our Guru Maharaj is compassion personified. His affection and care outweighs the love of a million mothers put together. Many of His devotees have had the great fortune of savouring this warmth and affection.  This section is an attempt to put into words glimpses of His affection and intellectual, yet comprehensible thoughts...

Conversations with Sri Swamiji - 41
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Mahamantra is being regularly chanted at specified times in the above Namadwaars.  Specifically in Madhurapuri Ashram, Chaitanya Kuteeram, Sivakasi Namadwaar, Tuticorin Namadwaar and Virudhunagar Namadwaar, Mahamantra  Kirtan is being chanted for 12 hours everyday from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm.
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