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Money has never given satisfaction to any man. Nor will it in future.
Unions are only in order to bring about separation.
Gain is only that there might be loss.
Worry is the worst addiction and disease.

- Sadguru Sridhara Swami of Varadapura     

Brahmotsav Corner

The 23rd Brahmotsav of Sri Madhuri Sakhi sameta Premika Varadan is celebrated in a grand manner in Madhurapuri Ashram - and is truly an experience of a lifetime for all those devotees in Madhurapuri!


For those who are far away and are unable to attend the Utsav, Namadwaar brings the videos and photographs of the Utsav soon after everyday's Utsav Celebrations!

The first day Videos and photos are available where Sri Swamiji celebrates the descent of Thakurji Madhuri Sakhi sameta Sri Premika Varadhan with Special Tirumanjanam and Pooja on Janmashtami Day

Video / Photo Gallery

August 26
Special Tirumanjanam/Pooja

The videos will be available on the site for a limited time period. Please avail of this opportunity to enjoy them as soon as possible!


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Utsav Calendar



Blissful bubbles

Nithya Rajesh, a devotee from USA pens this beautiful poem on an a divine experience during a visit to India.

Click here for the poem  

Cherished Memoirs

Our Guru Maharaj is compassion personified. His affection and care outweighs the love of a million mothers put together. Many of His devotees have had the great fortune of savouring this warmth and affection.  This section is an attempt to put into words glimpses of His affection and intellectual, yet comprehensible thoughts...

A Grace that Transcended Space
Conversations with Sri Swamiji - 43
Conversations with Sri Swamiji - 42
Conversations with Sri Swamiji - 41
Conversations with Sri Swamiji - 40
Conversations with Sri Swamiji - 39


23rd Annual Brahmotsav of

Madhuri Sakhi sameta Sri Premika Varadan


26 August - 4 Sep 2016


Madhurapuri Ashram


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Utsav Calendar

Bhagavat Gita Lectures by Sri Swamiji: Part 2

HH Maharanyam Sri Muralidhara Swamiji expounded on Bhagavat Gita aat Sri Seetha Rama Hall at Sri Sundara Anjaneya Swamy temple, Kalkere, Bengaluru, from June 20th - 25th 2016 in Tamizh language.
He expounded in detail the Bhakti Yoga (Chapter 12) of Srimad Bhagavat Gita. We present a summary of Sri Swamiji's discourse translated into English for the benefit of our viewers.


Click here for the summary of "Bhakti Yoga : Part 2" - an exclusive website for Sri Swamiji's Kirtans - Click here

Janmashtami Special: "Bhakti Yogam"

A snapshot of recent events

A new book of Sri Sri Swamiji's lectures on "Bhakti Yogam" from Srimad Bhagavat Gita, compiled by Sri Ramanujamji was released on April 24th.
Smt. Kalpana Iyer was blessed with the first copy from Sri Swamiji.
This book will be available at a price of Rs. 80/- at Madhuram Store and other outlets.
Satsangs around the world
  • Aug 6: Puranava 2016 at Chennai
  • Bhagavatam at Gudiyatham by Muraliji
  • July 23-24: Gopa Kuteeram Int
  • Udyog 2016: July 2nd
  • Ramayana in Chidambaram: Jul11-20
Upcoming Programs
Aug 26-Sep 4: Brahmotsav for Madhuri Sakhi Sametha Sri Premika Varadhan, Madhurapuri Ashram
Oct 1-10 7-9 pm: Bhakta Vijayam by Sri Swamiji at Bhuvaneshwari Temple, Jafferkhanpet, Chennai
Namadwaars around the world: Madhurapuri Ashram | Chaitanya Kuteeram | Tuticorin | Sivakasi | Ambasamudram | Cuddalore | Palghat | Madurai | Nashik | Periyakulam | Salem | Sriperumbudur | Tiruchi | Kovilpatti | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | Houston (USA) Chennai Anna Nagar | Batalgundu | Chennai Pammal | Virudhunagar
Mahamantra is being regularly chanted at specified times in the above Namadwaars.  Specifically in Madhurapuri Ashram, Chaitanya Kuteeram, Sivakasi Namadwaar, Tuticorin Namadwaar and Virudhunagar Namadwaar, Mahamantra  Kirtan is being chanted for 12 hours everyday from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm.
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