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Sadhu is not one who remains quiet even when hit but means one who has given up all desires

HH Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji     


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A Tribute to our Martyrs


A tearful tribute by Gopa Kuteeram children on behalf of Global Organisation for our pride, our treasure, our might....our dearest martyrs! Jai Hind!
The Soul of Premika Bhavanam - 3

Namadwaar presents 'The Soul of Premika Bhavanam' - a brand new series on the life-sketch of Smt. Jayanthi Janakiramanji - an ardent devotee of Sri Swamiji.

Here is the much awaited third part - "The Soul of Premika Bhavanam - 3"


Bhagavat Gita Lectures by Sri Swamiji: Part 5

HH Maharanyam Sri Muralidhara Swamiji expounded on Bhagavat Gita aat Sri Seetha Rama Hall at Sri Sundara Anjaneya Swamy temple, Kalkere, Bengaluru, from June 20th - 25th 2016 in Tamizh language.
He expounded in detail the Bhakti Yoga (Chapter 12) of Srimad Bhagavat Gita. We present a summary of Sri Swamiji's discourse translated into English for the benefit of our viewers.


Click here for the summary of "Bhakti Yoga : Part 5"

Sri Ramanujamji's Foreign Satsangs

Sri Ramanujamji will be travelling and conducting satsangs worldwide based on the following schedule.

Sep 29-Oct 14: Singapore: Discourses on Bhakthi Yogam
Oct 15-Oct 26: Dubai: Krishna katha
Nov 6-Nov 20: Muscat : Bhaktha Vijayam
Nov 21-Jan 17: USA - Madhurotsavam series

Satsangs in India

Sep 23-30: Srimad Bhagavata Saptaham by Sri Muraliji at Sri Theerthiswarar Swami Temple, Thiruvallur - an exclusive website for Sri Swamiji's Kirtans - Click here

Radhashtami 2016 Upcoming Programs
Namadwaars around the world: Madhurapuri Ashram | Chaitanya Kuteeram | Tuticorin | Sivakasi | Ambasamudram | Cuddalore | Palghat | Madurai | Nashik | Periyakulam | Salem | Sriperumbudur | Tiruchi | Kovilpatti | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | Houston (USA) Chennai Anna Nagar | Batalgundu | Chennai Pammal | Virudhunagar
Mahamantra is being regularly chanted at specified times in the above Namadwaars.  Specifically in Madhurapuri Ashram, Chaitanya Kuteeram, Sivakasi Namadwaar, Tuticorin Namadwaar and Virudhunagar Namadwaar, Mahamantra  Kirtan is being chanted for 12 hours everyday from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm.
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click here to download the audio in Sri Sri Swamiji's voice.
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