Children stories

 Once upon a time, a hunter caught hold of a bird. 

The bird was astonishingly beautiful.  To the amazement of the hunter, the bird even began to speak.

The bird asked the hunter, ‘What are you going to do with me?’.  The hunter replied, ‘I will sell you for a good price’.

The bird asked again, ‘What would my new owner do with me?’ 
The hunter said, ‘I don’t know! He might put you in a cage, or cook you or sell it to someone else.’

The bird asked, ‘So, by selling me, you would get some money, isn’t it?’
The hunter, ‘Yes’

Bird, ‘If you will listen to me, I will give you three valuable advices.  If you follow those  advices, it will change your life towards the better.’   The hunter immediately jumped forward, ‘Yes. Tell me…’

Long ago in a kingdom far away, there lived two friends - Madan and Mohan. They liked each other very much and not once did they have a misunderstanding on any account thus far. They understood each other so well and their thoughts were in perfect synchrony. Each one cared for each other more than himself. To put in a single word, their relationship could be described as the very definition of the word "friendship"

Madan was employed in the King's court and Mohan was a trader. Madan was everybody's favourite because of his good qualities like devotion to God, truthfulness, humility and honesty. Naturally there were some who did not like this and wanted to tarnish Madan's reputation. They tried many a time unsuccessfully. But as fate would have it, it so happened that the King himself thought that Madan was involved a plot against him. He immediately threw him in prison and gave him death penalty. Madan was to be executed in a week's time.

Sankar was a handsome young boy. He was intelligent, too. He was of good character. But, he was very lazy. He woke up only at eight from his bed. Due to laziness he did not attend to his own works. He even expected someone else to carry his schoolbooks. It seemed as if he even desired someone to feed the food into his mouth! He, however, scored good marks in his examinations as he was quite intelligent in spite of his laziness and thus got promoted to the next class. Yet, he was disappointed that he failed to stand first in the class! He nurtured the desire to score high marks and pursue medical profession.

One day a Sadhu visited his school. While addressing the students, the Sadhu said, “There is nothing in this world that cannot be attained with Guru’s blessings. All our desires will certainly be fulfilled if only we enjoyed Guru’s Grace.” The joy of Sankar knew no bounds on hearing these words of the Sadhu. He thought, “If I attain a Guru somehow, I will be able to excel in my studies and become a doctor.”

Long ago, there was a kingdom in a far away land. The king had an able minister who helped him in his administration.

The minister was a god-loving individual. He had this queer habit. Whenever something happened, good or bad, he would say, 'God did it only for good'.

One evening, on the dinner table, the minister was sharing dinner with the king. As they were engrossed in discussion, the king, while cutting fruits, accidentally chopped off one of his finger. The king screamed in pain and it bled profusely. The royal doctor was immediately summoned.

In the peaceful picturesque island of Hawaii, life of the natives was simple, joyful and happy as ever. This was only till foreign sailors visited this beautiful islands a few hundred years ago. With their arrival came many epidemics that wiped away a significant portion of the inhabitants. It was in this context the dreaded disease called leprosy struck the locals.

Many views circulated amidst the locals about this disease including that it was a curse and one that affects sinners. No cure was in sight and worst of all, more and more people were afflicted by it. Not knowing how to control the spread the king passed an order that all leprosy patients would be banished to a certain area in the island where they could not access anyone else. Food and supplies were provided, but they were cut off from the rest of the world. To put it shortly, the leprosy patients were let off to die a silent death.

Even if you intend to cheat Indians, it can be done only in a spiritual way”- says Swami Vivekananda.

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa narrated the following story to his disciples during a conversation.

A man once wished to sell the jewels he possessed and went to the market in search of an honest goldsmith. He saw a shop at the entrance of which a man who appeared to be a true Vaishnava with a gopichandan mark on his forehead, a tulasi mala around his neck and a rosary (japamala) in his hand was seated. The man thought that this was the place that he was looking for and entered the shop. Having given the jewels to the owner, the man expressed his desire to sell the jewels. The owner took the jewels and handing them over to an assistant and told him, “Weigh this gold after melting it and let me know how much it weighs.”

Akbar was a great Mughal emperor who ruled our land for a long time. He had a wise and able minister called Birbal. Birbal was known for his valuable advices to the king. Akbar loved his wisdom and humor which were not only witty but also intellectual. Birbal was a great Bhakta and chanted the Ram Nam always.

Once Akbar and Birbal ventured into the forest for hunting. It was past midday and they had gone deep into the woods. Both of them felt very hungry. They halted beside a huge tree. The king said, ‘We have come far too away from our kingdom. There is no way we can go back to our palace for food.’

Birbal nodded.

Once there lived a fine couple who were very affectionate to each other. The wife Rupa was extremely beautiful, talented and smart. She was always good-spirited and wore a gracious smile on her face all the time, that would cheer up even the most dispirited of souls.   The husband Ram was gentle, good natured, kind-hearted and caring.  In all, they were a perfect match, as if made for each other.  However they had a small gloom in their life.  The couple was not gifted with children.

They had not left any stone unturned to beget a child, be it medical consultation, pilgrimages, dips in holy rivers, and what not. 

One day, God decided to grace the couple by fulfilling their prayers.  A beautiful baby girl was born.  They named her Priya.  The infant was so cute that one could pass hours together just staring at the baby, admiring her beauty. Priya inherited the beauty and agility of her mother multifold.

Ravi and Gopal were thick friends. Ravi did not believe in God. In spite of being an atheist, he was good at heart. Gopal was an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna. He would narrate all his day’s happenings to Lord Krishna and converse with Him.

One day, the friends were engaged in a conversation. The topic revolved around God and as both the friends had contradicting views, the conversation slowly turned into a heated argument. Ravi claimed that God did not exist and everything about God was a mere bluff. Gopal tried his best to convince Ravi of the existence of God and explain him the truth. Ravi only retorted, ‘Well! If God were to exist, why don’t you ask Him to appear before me some day?” Gopal thought for a while. It did not sound like a bad idea to him. He replied in the positive.