A breathtakingly beautiful Prema Madhuri samedha Sri Vrindavana Vihari consecrated in the year 2013, bestows His Divine Grace in the holy town of Vrindavan. Thakurji adorns a small make-shift shrine at our temple site, near the famous Kathyayani Mandir. A temple/ Vedapatasala complex is proposed. Nitya Pooja is being performed as per Bhagavatha Dharma. Sri Govardhana Giriraj from the holy hill of Govardhan is also worshipped here.

Darshan Timings:
Mornings: 6am to 11am
Evenings: 5pm to 9pm

Temple Festivals:
Vaishnava Ekadasis, Holi, Janmashtami, Radha Ashtami