Fond Memories

 Sri VenkatesanGurumurthy is an ardent devotee of Sri Swamiji. Just like Sri Venkatesan, his parents are also ardently devoted to Sri Swamiji.

In July 2010, his parents undertook a pilgrimage to Haridwaar. In Haridwaar, due to footwear related issues, she critically injured her feet.  The wound was so bad that it became ulcerous and started to bleed.  The old couple was in dire search of a plaster to arrest the bleeding and further spreading of the wound.

To make the matters worse it was a local festival there and so, most of the shops were closed. The inclement weather further compounded the woes by sporadic rains. With that painful leg Venkatesan's mother was getting really enervated. Both of them started praying to Sri Swamiji from the bottom of their heart to help them in that seemingly helpless state.

 In the life of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, we come across incidents when Sri Ramakrishna himself says that he is able to see through the person in front of him, just like one would see everything across a glass door.  While normal humans are limited in their vision of others to their physical body-frame, Mahans can see through their mind, their intentions, thoughts and beyond.

Many a time, I have seen this happen with Sri Swamiji.  Someone would come for Sri Swamiji's darshan and Sri Swamiji would tell them something off-hand, which would have answered a question that lurked in their minds for days together!  An interesting incident happened last week...

Sri Kabirdas, an industrialist, is one of Sri Swamiji's ardent long-time devotees.  Last week, he came to PremikaBhavanam to have darshan of our Swamiji.  Sri Swamiji acknowledged his presence and spoke to him. 

Faith is the greatest wealth, our scriptures say.  When one has unwavering faith on the Lord or the Sadguru, it is the duty of the Lord or the Sadguru to save the devotee from any crisis he may be in.  No matter how far he may live, no matter what time of the day it may be,he is sure to receive help.

Sri Sri Swamiji hails from a place called Cuddalore in Tamil Nadu.  The place where He grew up is now a Namadwaar.  There is a family residing in close quarters to the Namadwaar that is very devoted to Sri Sri Swamiji, especially the young college-going member of the family, Gopi.

During the last week of April, Sri Sri Swamiji wished to go to Govindapuram.   On His way, He stopped at Cuddalore and halted for a few hours at the Namadwaar there.  At that time, this family came and had darshan of Sri Sri Swamiji.  Their eyes were brimming with tears of ecstasy and joy as they narrated a touching incident to us...

 The qualities of a Guru are described in detail in all our scriptures.  However, nowhere in our scriptures has there been a mention of the requisite qualities/standards of a disciple in order to be a fitting disciple to the illustrious Guru.  The simple reason behind this is that, it does not matter how a devotee is.  No matter what the standard of the devotee is, the Sadguru happily accepts the devotee, and by His mere grace, transforms him.

However, when a disciple is such that, he reposes complete faith on the Sadguru, the Guru’s grace descends on the devotee sans any barriers.  It is indeed rare to find devotees who are completely dedicated to the Guru; who repose cent percent faith in His words, is it not?

One of Sri Swamiji’s devotees is Sri Amudhan.  He hails from a Rao family in Kumbakonam, and is a very long time devotee of our Swamiji.  Only Sri Swamiji knew his innocent nature, pure heart and the abundant love he has for our Guru Maharaj.

 'Darshanaadevasaadavah' - says SrimadBhagavatam.   Merely having the darshan of a Mahatma will suffice for one. It will usher in all the auspiciousness in his life that will solve his problems.  There have been numerous instances where devotees have come to our Swamiji with a heavy heart – owing to obstacles or problems in their lives and our Swamiji provides them with simple solutions and prayers that provide them relief.   In this context, there is one interesting incident that happened recently...

About a month ago, one day, the father-in-law of Sri Swamiji'slong time devotee Sri Ramakrishna Hari (who is now married and settled in Indonesia) wished to meet Sri Swamiji.  After having learnt that Sri Swamiji was in Govindapuram then, he arrived at ChaitanyaKuteeram, along with another friend from the same village as his.

After paying respects to Sri Swamiji, the friend related to Sri Swamiji that which was troubling his heart since a long time.  He has a son of marriageable age and they have been searching for a suitable bride for him.  He had left no stone unturned to get him married, but in vain.

 Numerous people come to have our Guru Maharaj's darshan.  More often than not, they have unfulfilled prayers in their hearts and wishes that have not borne fruit for long.  The reason for a prayer not being fulfilled in spite of putting in sincere efforts is the fact that it falls short of grace.  The moment they have Sri Swamiji's blessings, their wishes get fulfilled automatically.  When Mahatmas give words of benediction, they are not merely words that flow from their mouth; it is indeed divine grace that descends in the form of those words.   It is said that when words flow out of the lips of a Mahatma, the entire cosmos orchestrates itself to make those words come true.
Here are a few incidents to illustrate this fact...

During the first week of April, Sri Sri Swamiji visited the southern districts – Madurai, Sivakasi and Tuticorin.  Tuticorin, which is known for its pearls, is known to us better as the city of Nama-Pearls – 'Nama Muthu Nagar'.  The residents' love for Nama and our Guru Maharaj is beyond words.  

 A few days back Sri Swamiji was talking with a devotee. The devotee was asking Sri Swamiji in these lines, 'Why is it that you keep telling about the worship of Sri Krishna only and not other deities?' 

Sri Swamiji answered this question and later left the Ashram.

He then visited the residence of Sri Sathyanarayanan in Chennai. At his residence there was an old photo of Krishna. It was so beautiful that Sri Sri Swamiji was constantly thinking about that Krishna.  He also  called Sri Sathyanarayanan to find out who had it before, where was that Krishna, so on and so forth. 

 The Madhurapuri Ashram houses a Sama Veda and Yagur Veda Patashala, where a number of young boys study as resident students.  Like any other school, every year, during summer, the students get vacation time when they go back to their homes to spend some time with their family.  It was May 1st, and the summer holidays had just begun.  The face was every student was lit up with joy as each one packed his bags bidding goodbye to his friends.

Sri Sri Swamiji returned to Chennai from Bangalore on 2nd May and went to the Madhurapuri Ashram.  There, He found our ThakurjiPremikaVaradan with a forlorn face.  Having witnessed all the Patashala students leave one by one for their vacation, our Thakurji also wanted enjoy the summer vacation and travel some place.  Our Sri Swamiji tried hard to calm down Thakurji but He remained persistent in his request.  Seeing Thakurji be so adamant and not knowing an alternate, Sri Sri Swamiji decided to take the Divine Couple to Nangur, a holy city in the Thanjavur belt, where there functions another Patashala – 'SrimatiJayantiJanakiraman memorial VaishnavaAagama&Dravida Veda Patashala'.

 Ambur is a beautiful town on the Chennai-Bangalore highway.  This town occupies a special place in our Sri Swamiji's heart because numerous residents of this town are in love with the Mahamantra, and have a special regard and love for our Guru Maharaj.

Recently, there was a plan to organize a prayer session in this town.  Unlike a mass prayer event, a one-on-one prayer event was organized here, on the 28th of March this year.

As a part of the prayer session, many devotees came forward to share their experiences of how the divine grace and power of the Mahamantra have played unbelievable miracles in their lives.

Each and every experience that was narrated came right from the hearts of the devotees and in turn touched the hearts of all the devotees present.

Here are a few of them….