There has been a lot of questions if our philosophy is Advaita or Visishtadvaitha or Dvaita or AchintyaBhedaabheda, etc. When we brought this to our beloved Sri Swamiji’s notice, this is the divine response from Sri Swamiji:

'Even amongst the various mathas (sects) which accept the Vedas, there are some sub-sects within the Vedic Religion of Sanatana Dharma which do not accept a Supreme God like Sankhya system of philosophy. We generally know only three main philosophies in Vedanta – Advaitham, Vishistaadvaitham and Dvaitham, but there are many more systems of philosophies like Suddhaadvaitham by Sri Vallabhacharya, Eka-Deiva-Vaadam by an Assamese Acharya (Sri Sankaradeva), Sivaadvaitham by Sri AppayyaDikshitar and many more! So there are many systems of philosophies like this in this world!

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Even within Advaitha systems, there many subsects like AjaataVaadam, ShrustiDhrustiVaadam, DhrustiShrustiVaadam and so on. Similarly in Sri VaishnavaSamparadaya philosophy there are two main sub sects – Vadakalai and Thenkalai...'

Sri Swamiji says whatever philosophy these Mahaans have established, we never criticize, nor do we object to any Mahatma. We find all philosophies acceptable.

What is our philosophy then?

Chant mahamantra and realize the ultimate

What is that ultimate is the decision of Krishna.

This is verily our philosophy.
  1. Reaching out The Mahamantra to every nook and corner of the world, since Nama Kirtan is the surest, safest and easiest way to reach God.
  2. Showing the path of Bhakti to all genuine seekers
  3. Spreading Universal Peace and Brotherhood by Inner Transformation
  4. Protection of Vedas and the scriptures which constitute the bedrock of our Sanathana Dharma
  5. Renovation and maintenance of ancient temples which are storehouses of spirituality, with utmost care & devotion
  6. Creating awareness about, and inculcating respect for, the incredible contribution of ancient India to the world, in young minds
  7. Developing a band of inspired, selfless youngsters who shall serve the society by disseminating the profound truths revealed to us by our great ancestors