Our place should be clean, the food we take should be pure, the clothes we wear should be tidy, our body should be kept neat and fresh. However, these are of no use if the mind is not clean. Singing the Divine Name of Krishna is the only way to keep our mind clean.

Chanting lips make many hands work

In Treta Yuga, Rama was required to redeem Ahalya. However, in Kali Yuga Rama Nama (the Divine Name of Rama) would suffice!

Chanting Hari Nama will make us chat with Hari!

Brindavan is my home. Those who perform Nama Sankirtan are my relatives.

To attain siddhi (potency) of the mantra to detoxify the scorpion sting one has to do japa of that mantra incessantly. Only then can he be successful. Instead if he chants the mantra only at the time he is about to cure a person inflicted with a scorpion sting, it will not work. Similarly, we should chant Nama even while we are happy and comfortable. Only then we shall never experience difficulties in life. However, even if we do happen to face any difficulty the power of Nama will wipe it off.

~HH Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji

One day, the mind would be filled with devotion; on another day, it would long for worldly pleasures; on another day, it would renounce everything. The great Maya called the mind, can slowly be brought under control only through Nama Sankirtan

One should constantly repeat the names of God irrespective of any activity that he/she might be involved in. Every moment of our life that is spent without the thought of God is a waste.

Ram Nam Ram Nam shakes your ego

Ram Nam Ram Nam makes you calm

Ram Nam Ram Nam wakes your wisdom

Ram Nam Ram Name takes you home

~HH Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji