DAY 1 :

With the blessing of our Guru Maharaj and Sri Premika Varadhan and Madhuri Sakhi, Sri Ramanujam Ji was welcomed to Jakarta, Indonesia in the spring of 2018. The divine lecture series started with a discourse on Bhagavatha Dharmam at the residence of Sri Gopal and Smt. Mala Gopal on the 15th of February 2018. About 20 devotees were blessed enough to admire the greatness of the Guru and Nama Sankirtan. Ramuji mesmerized the audience by stating that, "A person who is not bewildered by the inevitable miseries of material existence, and who remains aloof from them by remembering the lotus feet of the supreme God, is to be considered a Bhagavatha- Pradhaana, the foremost devotee of the Lord.



DAY 2 :

Ramuji addressed a crowd of about 50 listeners at the Krishna Temple, Bandung on the 16th of February 2018. He quoted excerpts from Prahlada Charithram and Sri Krishna Leela to drive home the certainty that Nama Sankirtan is the only easiest path to liberation. Very simply, Ramuji illustrated Krishna's mercy on the poor fruit lady and the essence of this Krishna Leela was to stress on the compassionate nature of the Lord towards his Bhaktas.