My humble namaskars to my Gurunathar' s Lotus feet on Ganesh chathurthi. Oh Krishna please let me have my Guruji' s Divine Darshan soon. Namaskars again. Hare Krishna

Hari om, My pranams to guruji and the premika varadan and priyamana Radha.The loveable kitta and radhika bedecked with jewels in the midst of garlands and standing so tall for all the eyes to see matching each other with the oyyaram and dancing slowly captivating all the heart enna mahattana bagyam.Ullam kollai pogutheArumayana nadaswaram azagana nadai what a celeberration.Hats of namadwaar tem for bringing it us. Namaste ji

Hari om Govindanukku jayjay G ovinda tava charanam.What a fight the Lord of seven hills being in madhurapuri and enjoying the pattabhishekam on him performed by none other than the mahatma mahaneeya Ji.The bliss and the aanandA on the mukakamalam of swamij his singing the praise of the Lord of seven hills all our bagyam only.May the Lord of seven hills make us remain ever as a devotee to him and bless us in the satsangh.Namaste namadwar team for making this happen. viji

Hari om. baste guruji.On seeing the gopas in vrindavan headed by kitta vrindavanamev en Manama.How I wish I were also a balaka like them and follow Ji.What with all the cows and calf looking forward at kitta surrounded by gopanandana with the stick being held but not used because such love for them Swamiji brought the gokulam in front of us.Aho bagyam aho bagyam. viji

radhe radhe pranams Guruji.. with His blessings able to chant the MahaMantra wherever I am. need His blessings to take part in the urchavams. that's my humple prayer to Him. so thrilled to see the videos. gives me so much peace. radhe radhe

My humble pranams to the Lotus feet of Sri Sri Sri Muralithara Guruji. By your ocean of grace , I am heartily enjoying the Brahmotsav Videos . Thanks to ND team for the same. Oh Krishna , it appears to me that You the Supreme Lord is very much here in My Guruji's Divine Form in Vrindavan Lila & Govinda Pattabhishekam is truly ecstatic. Oh Krishna , I am longing to take part in the celebration. You, The Supreme Hero only can make it happen.Pranams to my Guruji again .Hare Krishna

Hari om. my kotikoti pranams to Sri swamiji.The thirunsnjanam with the bagavatham dasama skandam read by the sishya and Sri kanna fiksjitsr. swamiji performing the abhishekam bhava poorvakam with nodding his head on the namasankeethan decorating Radhe and kitta with sandal makut and binding them together with jasamne flowers and bound us all in prema bakthi what a lovely sightto our eyes.Krishna being carried by Ji. and putting him in cradle dancing around with the lkopikas. viji

hari om onthus janmashtami dark offer mykotikotipranams to karuasagara swamiji.His love towards the baktgas and love towards them is not comparable.The devotion the baktas have towards him is because of his simple way of leading them towards prema bakthi. premika vardan looked so lovely with the rose garlandand thulasi mala..Bakthi is this only.madura bakthi is this only I should say.swamiji has drenched all of us with his blessings in abundance.Namaste guruji. viji

Hari om on this day of janmashtami I offer pranams to my swamiji who is a Mahan.His love and compassion to all of us binds us in prema towards the liveable lord krishna.Madhura bakthi tiwards the madhura sakhi sametha prisha is what we all get by being in his satsangh.His downpour of blessings to all of us drench us in prema.marina Sahara karunya moorthe my logo logo pranams to you. viji

My humble namaskars to the Lotus feet of Sri Sri Sri Guruji on Janmashtami day. I'm not fortunate enough to be part of Nandotsav @ Madhurapuri Ashram today. I m thinking of that blissful event only Oh Krishna please bestow Ur blessings on me to take part in Brahmotsav celebration in the Divine presence of my Gurunathar at least for day. Pranams again& again. Hare Krishna