Humble Pranaams to the Lotus feet of Guru Maharaj. I used to regularly watch Veedu Thedi Varuvan Vittalan & was inclined to meet Guru Maharaj. Me along with family members visited Madhurashramam in 2014 & was fortunate to meet Guruji (though it was not Ekadesi).It is said when God is happy with our devotion, we will be directed to Guru to refine our path to spirituality.Since then good changes happening in my life.We Live by Guruji's grace. Also a whatsapp member in Devotes all arnd de world.

with ananthakodi namaskarams to our Guruji's lotus feet i wish to express the deep Bakthi and love i received towards our Guru and Pandurangan during the past over a month when i sat in front of the tv to hearGuruji's pravachan`and hear the divine leelas of sri Pandu rengan showered on His devotees Eknath, Gnaneswar.Dukaram Sena nayee Gorakumbar . Today when the Veeduthedi varuvan Vittalan episode ended with Guruji singing the abangams Anantha kodi namaskarams to GURUJI

hARI OM In this new year I offer my pranams to sri swamiji.In this web voice today swamiji spoke very beautifully about Thiruaannamalai. He narrated about the importance of the Annamalayar and he quoted the ulladu narpadhu by sri Ramana bagavan giving various examples of the role of annamalai the parameswara swaroopam.None other than Our Guruji can explain about it in such a short time covering all mahans who attained Samadhi there..oru mahanai patri ennoru mahanal than solla mudiyuum

My humble namaskars to the Lotus feet of Sri Sri Sri Muralithara Guruji on Sri Rama Navami. Oh Krishna, please bestow this commoner to cling to the Lotus feet of my Gurunathar who has bestowed me your Supreme Divine Name which is the sweetest on earth. Pranams again & again. Radhe Krishna


My koti namaskars to the Lotus feet of Sri Sri Sri Guruji on Maha Shivarathri day. Oh Krishna, please get me closer to my Gurunathar 's Lotus feet . Please make my existence meaningful by serving His Lotus feet . Namaskars again & again Radhe Krishna

Hari om. My namaskarams to you ji.II read the thought for the day of this day very apt i thought it is for me only I chant the mahamantra daily and believe that guruji and nama are the two things like two eyes for me very important and that only makes me feel joyful.Gurujis blessings and his messages are the the gift to me.He is matha piitha and all to me.He grace alone will remove all our fears and bring happiness to the stateMay I remain devoted to Him forever.Namaste hi Viji

Radhe radhe The Webvoice in Namadwaar website gives me immense strength and courage... the early morning 'Gajendra Stuthi' is inculcating a divine feeling,, 'Nama as Guru' article written by a devotee , i keep remembering it often and try to practice on daily basis . Pranams

Radhe Radhe The web voice n Namadwaar website is truly awesome. Thanks to all the numerous devotees for their tremendous efforts to make this programs available to devotees all over the world! Sri Murali'ji's efforts on Mass prayer to students is very good. Today's Baghawata Charitramm on Sridhara Ayyaval by Mrs Krithika Bharadwaj was just fantastic. Her knowledge n music added flavour to the Bhawatha Katha. It's all due to Sri Gurujis Grace. Pranams to Guruji Mythili

Jai Gurudev! Radhe Radhe and Congratulations to the Web Voice team as they have made' Shravanam' easiest possible for all devotees. we appreciate this noble effort of all those who are involved in it. For the non tamilians, do include more of English lectures, if possible. Radhe Radhe..