Radhe radhe The Webvoice in Namadwaar website gives me immense strength and courage... the early morning 'Gajendra Stuthi' is inculcating a divine feeling,, 'Nama as Guru' article written by a devotee , i keep remembering it often and try to practice on daily basis . Pranams

Radhe Radhe The web voice n Namadwaar website is truly awesome. Thanks to all the numerous devotees for their tremendous efforts to make this programs available to devotees all over the world! Sri Murali'ji's efforts on Mass prayer to students is very good. Today's Baghawata Charitramm on Sridhara Ayyaval by Mrs Krithika Bharadwaj was just fantastic. Her knowledge n music added flavour to the Bhawatha Katha. It's all due to Sri Gurujis Grace. Pranams to Guruji Mythili

Jai Gurudev! Radhe Radhe and Congratulations to the Web Voice team as they have made' Shravanam' easiest possible for all devotees. we appreciate this noble effort of all those who are involved in it. For the non tamilians, do include more of English lectures, if possible. Radhe Radhe..

Radhe Radhe and Humble Pranams! Webvoice has really been a great blessing for us! The Sambhashanam segment by Muraliji was eye-opening. We did not know the extent of the reach of the Students mass prayers being done all over India. Indeed a revolution that is happening without any fanfare, or self interest. Aneka namaskarams to Sri Guruji for inspiring all, and pranams to Sri Muraliji and other Bhagavatas who are doing this kainkaryam! Jai Gurunath!

Pranams to Guruji, All the programmes Samsaya, nook review soulfully stirred and today Bhagyaji answers and beyond are very nice and truly soulfully stirring. Kudos to webvoice team for bring satsang to our home and very near to our Gurunathar...thanks a lot.. Radhe Radhe Jai Gurunath

Pranams to Guruji, All the programmes samsaya , book review soulfully stirred and today's Bhagyaji s answer and beyond are so informative and truly soulfully stirring..bringing us closer to satsang and our satgurunathar..truly feel blessed especially being miles away from home.. Kudos to the webvoice team and thanks a lot for this unique programmes.. Radhe Radhe Jai Gurunath

Radhe Radhe namadwar webvoice team , I wish to appreciate the enournous effort taken by all of you to bring this unique satsangam of Guruji to all of us around the world . The daily Bhagavatham is an immense pleasure to hear . Also the Thiruppavai series were a total bliss . The recent additions of Book reviews and Soulfully Stirred programmes are truly pahbreaking. webvoice satisfies every age group. All is HIS grace that we hear Guruji voice also daily !! Great job !

Radhe Radhe and Pranams Our humble namaskaram to webvoice team, thanks for margazhi melodies and Sri G Thiruppavai upanyasam in the morning and evening.thanks for coming up with different topic.today we enjoyed traditional treasures and a book review.Radhe Radhe.

Hari om. My kotikoti namaskarams to Guruji on this day of kanu.The Talk by sri swamiji about Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa is so nice and everyone who listens to that will wish we also have such love towards the God..The only possible way for that is due to the krupa of aMahan.May we also develop the bakthi through nam Mahan sri guruji.Seeking your blessings Viji

My humble namaskars to the Lotus Feet of Sri Sri Sri Guruji on Makara Sankaranthi day. My prayer to the Supreme Lord Krishna on this day is to bestow me with Guruji's Divine Darshan & to serve his Lotus Feet. Namaskars again & again to Gurunathar's Lotus feet. Radhe Krishna