Radhe Radhe Sri G! Pranams at your lotus feet! Have been listening to Kali Dharma Undhiyaar by Sri Bhagyaji from NGS! Just excellent! He explains the inner meaning of the verses with madhurasmaranam and also with the life incidents of some great mahans . He also brings out your subtle message in the verses beautifully. Looks like he has been meditating on these verses. 2 hours passes off like two seconds. Our heart felt gratitude! Radhe Radhe

Hair on My namaskarams to Sri swamiji.The thiruppavao margazhi utsav at ashram is so blissful.To see the lamps lot for the pasuram Thoomani Madathi is definitely breathtaking so divine and also the kuthu vilakkeriya and anganmagnalathu pasurams.The sisyas who were there with swamiji were all blessed ones only or they may have been gopis in the preivious janma that is why the anubhava for them is continuing even now.The vamsidaran leading them is so lovely wish I was also there to witness Viji

My koti namaskars to the Lotus Feet of Sri Sri Sri Guruji on Vaikunda Ekadasi day. By the boundless grace of the Supreme Lord Krishna, I had the most precious Divine Darshan of my Guruji on theNew year day. It was really an eye opener to me wherein. I got answers for my questions through Nama Anubhabava by devotees. as also by Divine speech of my Guruji. And my Gurunathar bestowed me the bestest gift of Darshan of Lord Ranganathar @ Srirangam today. .Pranams again & again .

Humble pranams to Guruji. With abundant grace of HH Guruji, myself got successfully operated on a most critical open heart bye pass surgery successfully. Now gaining normalcy. Prior to the surgery, my son in law, Ram Sundar submitted request through Sri Bhagyaji, and HH Guruji kindly blessed, "Everything will be alright - nothing to worry". All the more, Guruji fondly remembered and asked my daughter Archana, after the surgery, "How is your appa?, is he recovering?". Such is the grace.

Hari om My namaskarams to guruji on this new year.I am happy to hear the satsangh on jan2017 live.I thank namadwaar and also for the inclusion of guest book in the web portal of namadwaar. It is sort of contacting swamiji through this portal and I feel as though I am talking to Sri ji through this portal.It is his blessing only and ii pray that may he shower his blessings on me and my family.May I remain in satsangh forever.KRIPA SAMUDRAM nam guruji Namaskaram gurudev. Viji

My humble namaskars to the Lotus feet of Sri Sri Sri Muralithara Guruji on the eve of New year. Oh Krishna please bless me with the precious Divine Darshan of my Gurunathar on the New year day.Please let me serve my Guruji ' s Lotus feet which is verily yours. Pranams again & again. Tranquility of Madurapuri Ashram & Tiruppavai is extremely sublime. Thanks to ND team, for having posted the Divine pics today Radhe Krishna

My humble pranams to the Lotus feet of Sri Sri Sri Muralithara Guruji. The redesigned Namadwaar website launched on the auspicious Thirunakshathiram day of my Gurunathar is wonderful indeed. Oh Krishna,.the beginning of this year has not been all that good. At the same time, you have shown yourself to me in Sri Sri Sri Guruji' s Divine form. Please bestow this commoner to dwell in your Divine thought,Name&form& Gurunathar's DivineDarshan . Please get me closer to His LotusFeet.

My humble pranams to the Lotus feet of Sri Sri Sri Muralithara Guruji .Oh Krishna you ve answered my prayers by bestowing me with Sri Sri Guruji' s Divine Darshan @'Thanjavur. My humble thanks to you in this regard. Oh Krishna .I don't know what Guru Bhakti is&, what Guru seva is. I can never long for Divine life.But I only know by your Divine Grace that my Guruji is no different from you the Supreme Lord. Please bestow thy Grace to progress in spiritual path . Oh Krishna my time is slipping away . Please fill my thoughts with your Divine Name & get me closer to Sri Sri Guruji' Lotus feet who takes care of the rest. Pranams to Gurunathar's Lotus feet again & again. Radhe Shyam. Radhe Krishna

Revered Guru Maharaj and Devotees,
Could you please upload Ramayanam lecture in yourtube so that lot of people can get benefit? Please consider my request as i am very eager to hear Guru Maharaj's upanyasam....

My humble Namaskars to the Lotus feet of Sri Sri Guruji. The profound interpretation on the most commonly known sloka given by our Master is truly amazing. Oh Krishna, who else can give such an explanation except You the Supreme Lord in Guruji' s form . We r extremely fortunate to live in this Yuga which the Supreme Lord has blessed with His Divine presence amongst us. Thanks to Ramanujamji for posting the Divine words. Pranams to Gurunathar's Lotus feet. Radhe Krishna. Oh Krishna Please bless with Gurujis Divine Darshan. Radhe shyam