My humble namaskars to the Lotus feet of Sri Sri Sri Muralithara Guruji on Vijayadasami . On this day I pray to the Supreme Lord Krish to bestow His grace to bless me to chant His Divine Name more & more.. Oh Krishna, You ,the Ocean of Divine Beauty & Grace have come into my life in Guruji's Divine Form which I can never aspire for. Please forgive my shortcomings & make me serve Gurujis Lotus feet . Please bestow me with Sri Sri Sri Guruji 's Divine Darshan . Radhe Krishna

Many Prnams to guruji and the satsang members working for this namadwarr and its portal. The article on shri jayanthi jnakiraman certainly was certainly guiding people like me how to improve in our path of devotion to GUruji and Thakurji, Thanks for the articles. wish many more such articles of the devotees comes in near future to inspire so called devotees of mine who are yet to go to in a longway in the spritual path. again thnanks a lot . radhe krishna

My humble pranams to the Lotus feet if Sri Sri Sri Muralithara Guruji. The soulful series of Jayanthiji is a path finder to True Devotion to Gurunathar's Lotus feet through which she reached the Unreachable. Oh Jayanthiji, my pranams to your steadfastness in tireless Guru Bhakti even when the dreadful disease struck you , is also an eye opener not to relate worldly misfortune &spirituality.
It is possible for certain ,to show such surrender only by Sri Sri Sri Guruji.' s unconditional Grace. Oh Krishna,please bestow your tremendous grace on me too to get closer to serve Guruji Lotus feet which is verily yours..Pranams to Guruji' s Lotus feet again & again. Radhe Krishna

I am deeply moved to read SrimathiJayanthiji's life Very rarely one gets the apptitude to serve Guru with loving devotion tirelessly till her last breadth May Jayanthiji's devotion to guruji be an example for all of us to follow and it is my earnest prayer that Guruji bless me with such devotion with love and affection .
Anantha kodi namaskarams to our Guruji for making us known the divine love of Jayanthiji to guruji

Jayanthi mami's divine life story is so touching and divine. Whenever we hear about jayanthi mami from our sathsang devotees we used to feel unfortunate as we were not part of the sathsangs during those days. Namadwaar has fulfilled that thru this divine series by taking us to those days in which mami served our Guru maharaj. Mami has shown us the way to serve our Guru maharaj and Takurji. Jaigurunath Radhe Radhe!!

Hari Om,
My humble praams to the holy feet of sri swami.On reading the jayanathi mamis devotion and about her shira bakthi even during illness shows how much kitta and swami filled her heart in full so that even during her pain she never showed it.It all show that when the great mahan is with us and we have untainted love towards him that erases all suffering and kitta takes care.of course having taken birth as human suffering will be there but they won't lose bakthi or faith with bagavan. my pranams to the great soul.May we also develop such bakthi by his grace. namaste ji

Radhe radhe
The Great Bhaktha Jayanthi ji's life invoked mixed feelings of Joy,Ananda,admiration and also grief and sadness. Oh What a family and what an ardent Devotee! I pray to Lord and Gurumaharaj to bless me His Grace for my spiritual elevation

My humble pranams to the Lotus Feet of Sri Sri Sri Muralithara Guruji for the Navarathri celebration. I
My thoughts r towards Bhaktha Vijayam discourse of Sri Sri Sri Guruji @ chennai by this time. It ' s a real blessing to all those who r part of the Satsang series to hear the Master's voice .I feel very much near over there . Oh Krishna please bestow me with Guruji's Divine Darshan who is none other than You only. Pranams to Guruji's Lotus Feet again and again
Radhe Krishna

the dedication of Sri Jayanthiji to our Guruji`has no parallel It is an inspiration for people like me to toe the line of this dedicated soul. May our Guruji bless all who are devoted to HIM and elevate them to higher spiritual plane . that is what i canpray for Want to read more of Jayanthiji's devotion to our guruji

Radhe Radhe and thank you for translating everything into English. It's blissful to read each article every time.
Jai Gurunath!