My humble pranams to the Lotus Feet of Sri Sri Sri Muralithara Guruji for the Navarathri celebration. I
My thoughts r towards Bhaktha Vijayam discourse of Sri Sri Sri Guruji @ chennai by this time. It ' s a real blessing to all those who r part of the Satsang series to hear the Master's voice .I feel very much near over there . Oh Krishna please bestow me with Guruji's Divine Darshan who is none other than You only. Pranams to Guruji's Lotus Feet again and again
Radhe Krishna

the dedication of Sri Jayanthiji to our Guruji`has no parallel It is an inspiration for people like me to toe the line of this dedicated soul. May our Guruji bless all who are devoted to HIM and elevate them to higher spiritual plane . that is what i canpray for Want to read more of Jayanthiji's devotion to our guruji

Radhe Radhe and thank you for translating everything into English. It's blissful to read each article every time.
Jai Gurunath!

My humble namaskars to the Lotus feet of Sri Sri Sri Muralithara Guruji. I got drenched in the " Breath taking " "Bhakti Yoga "series by Sri Sri Guruji, who has just elaborated even on miniscule aspects on True Devotion to the Supreme Lord Krishna which is blissful,& wonderful. Oh Krishna, how could u ever associate me -lower than the lowliest of the low to Sri Sri Sri Guruji who is ever in a Surpreme State. On reading the blissful book , it is obvious that you have chosen to protect even me which is beyond my efforts. Because no other power could save me from tough minded individuals. Guruji, please bestow this commoner with selfless Devotion unto the Supreme Lord Krishna to offer my thanks to Him for leading me to your Lotus Feet.
The soul of Premika Bhavanam on Jayanthi ji seems that she is never before , never again soul. Spiritual calling & life there after is beyond description. The Divine place has worked wonders to me also in the very first visit itself year 2012. Oh Krishna why this worldly life for me
Please bestow your grace to focus on your Divine Name alone. Thanks to ND team for flooding us with thought Provoking Satsang series. Thanks to Sri Sri Guruji & Supreme Lord Krishna who r one & the same for GOD Satsang. Pranams to Guruji's Lotus feet again & again. Radhe Krishna.

I was longing to know about mami ever since our bhagyaji mentioned about her in his first madurasmaranam held at pb. Thank you si much and eagerly awaiting fir the upcoming artucles. Radhe Radhe

We are very grateful to the Namadwaar team for keeping the videos of brahmotsavam for few more days, as we were able to catch up and relish the divinity in it.The coverage was so wonderful that we felt as though we are there with Priya G throughout.
Also Thank you so much for "The soul of Premika Bhavanam" series.Indeed we are very blessed to hear about Jayanthiji and Premika bhavanam.

Radhe Radhe!! Thanks a lot to the Namadwaar team for the wonderful videos of Brahmotsavam. Gajendra Azhwar offering a lotus to Thakurji and Mahamantra chanting, on the night of Radha Kalyanam, flooding the ashram will ever remain in my memory. I thought that after the utsav, there will be a lull in the website postings. How wrong I was. The recent postings on the 'Conversations with Sri Guruji' were nectarine to the mind and soul. 'Acceptance' has been one concept that I have heard a lot and yet, I could not understand it totally. Only Sri Guruji can explain such intricate concepts in layman's terms and help me understand them. The 'rasomaya' conversations on Radhashtami day about the grace of RadhaRani and how Krishna is always following her, left me speechless. And thanks to the team for the recent postings on the life of the great devotee, Smt. Jayanthi ji. I had read about her in the article 'The magnet that atracted me' on the old maduramurali website and longed to read more about her. Now the wish is fulfilled. Keep up the great work ND team. Countless pranams unto the Lotus feet of the Master. Jai Gurunath!!

Hari Om,
Pranams gurumaharaj.
Very nice to read about the Gopi Smt. Jatyanthi janakiraman.Yes on entering the premika Bhavanam i see the photo of smt.Jayanthi janakiraman.What a blessed soul.What blessings for all of us to see our master there in premika bhavanam.It fills my heart with joy when i think of premikajbhavanam and swami.Very fortunate all those who are associated with the premapoorva swami and perumal there with his makarakundalangal. alangaram of perumal with all lotus and rose parijatham and jasmine all so lovely.When the upacahrams are done for the premika varadhan with the baktas singing it will take us to a different world.The apt word for that bhavanam.Jai ho.Namaste gurnatha always seeing your blessings

My humble pranams to the Lotus feet if Sri Sri Sri Muralithara Guruji on celebration of chaitanya kuteeram day @ Govindapuram. . I m not among all those who are extremely fortunate to have Guruji's Divine Darshan on this day.Yet, I was feeling so near in my thoughts towards today,'s blissful event in the Divine presence of Sri Sri Guruji .Last year ,on this day Sri Sri Guruji wrote a golden word while blessing me which has transformed me remarkably. Oh Krishna ur Divine ways r inscrutable.
Please bestow me with Guruji's Divine Darshan who is my " Vasudeva Krishna " in this earth because
Oh Krishna u have already said that"Sambhavami Yuge Yuge in "Vishnu Sahasranama".

Thanks to ND team for New series of articles which is awakening & enlightening too.
Pranams to Guruji's Lotu feet again & again. Radhe Radhe . Radhe Krishna.

Radhe Radhe.
Feel blessed to read 'Bhakta Vijayam' of the Premier Bhagavatha who paved 'Raja Paattai' for our Satsang.
Sure to get drenched with our own tears as doors of this great treasure get open one by one!!
Jai Gurnath!!