It was/is such a joy to see the life sketch of dear Jayantiji on our Namadwaar Site. What a pleasant surprise! You should also post her photograph.

Radhe Radhe

Very glad and happy to follow this Divine Serial to understand the real meaning of the term Guru Seva.

Still remember Smt.Jayanthi and her devotion towards our Master.Such a blessed soul. I would often think her to be like a mother to our G, such was her service. Please excuse me if I'm wrong.
Premika Bhavan , the Heaven!!! where I saw my G first. It is the place of Satsang and the place where all your wishes come true.

Thank you very much for writing this article on Premika Bhavanam & Jayanthi Mami. Very eagerly looking forward to continue reading.

It is like when Guruji performs a pooja, it radiates throughout the hall, keeps every one in the hall in the divine feel.

If we are in the middle of a turbulent river, there is no question of trying self to escape but cry for help. similarly, we cry for help from Sathguru Maharaj to save from this maya by giving me the life saving jacket "mahamanthram" .

Radhe Radhe. Guru Vakiyam Mandram

Hari om.
Namaste guruji. The comparison of cricket and hitting 6 in the last ball and making all jump with joy is as much more when compared with radharanis sakhis happiness when they are her with krishna is so nice.Swamikku not at a hard than.How in a simple way he makes us understand everything.Kai guruji

Radhe Radhe, excellent conversation. Thanks for sharing.

hard om,
praams to guru.
The charoteer being driven in chariot today with the govinda gosham.let the chairtoeer hold the kadivalam of our hearts and hold it tightly with him.
The avabrutha snanam radha and ramanan were having the kavacham of sandal paste and bound by the jasmine flowers looked lovely.What a feast to the eyes.namaste guru