Feel Blessed

Hari om,
Kotikoti namaskarams to guru
.smithasmitha sundara mukharavinda
Yamunatheera vihari brindavanasanchari
guru hridayanivasi
Guru baktah hridayasanchari
nadhurapuri aayahi gopala

gokulame iduthano what a singing and
what a bhava even the elephant has shown its happiness by bowing before the govardanadhari.My eyes and ears were filled with the bhava poorvaka madhura singing of guru.Premai enbadhu iduthano.Sada mama hridaye nachathe prabhu.Guruji has brought before us the gokula vaibahvam.May he continue to drench us in the premabakthi so that we can also see Him in our heart Dasoham haridasa.Bless me guru

Radhe Radhe!!

Thank you for your wonderful service of posting the videos and pix of our Premika Varadan Bramhotsavam. Last year, we could see the videos in full screen mode which is disabled this year. Please enable it again if possible.

We enjoyed watching the videos multiple times, especially the Video on Day 9 night - Theppotsavam. Thanks Again!!

Radhe Radhe!!

Radhe Radhe

The video coverage of the Brahmotsavam 2016 is excellent. It was a wonderful sight to watch the Govinda Pattabhishekam where the Airavatha showered Ɓkasha Ganga'on the Divine Couple and what a sight it was as he bent down to carry them on his back and it was indeed "Yaanai Vahanam". The Kudirai Vahanam with songs on Panduranga was simply superb. The song 'Dhanya Dhanya' is still ringing in my ears. Every day was a feast to the eyes and ears. well done! Namadwar team for their tremendous efforts to take it across the world where Bhakthas like us can watch from home. on the whole an awesome event and coverage!

Pranams to Sri Guruji


Hari om,
Malarpuriyil inru madhavanuukum radharanikkum kalyanam .Very beautifully decorated with flowers all around the mandapam and both the bride and bridegroom looked so enchanting that all eyes were on them and on guru.What a singing of narayanatheerthars songs followed by ashtapathi no words to describe.On top of it the nadhaswaram was superb.Manam inre kalavande.arpudham ahi sandarac what a fest to the eyes and to a feast to the baths.Namaste guru.

Thanks for the great efforts in uploading the happenings. Feeling blessed to experience!

Hari om,
My humble pranams to sri Guruji.
What a decoration of flower rangoli.Lovely to see.Nikunjavihari looked so beautiful in the flower decorated swing and made our hearts swing.Manamoha nikunjavihari jaganmohanan.The violin duet was so melodious and the oothukadu songs were a treat to our ears.Asaindai asaindadi anaivariyum aada vaithavanukku en namaskaram.

We are devotees of Guruji.

My Parnams to the holy Feet of Sri.sri.Sri. GURUJI