On November 17th ( Monday) 2014, I had decided to take my twins Krishna and Subhadra (18 months old) to the story time in the library. The weather was very chilly and breezy. So I quickly loaded them in the car seats and buckled Subhadra and as i was trying to buckle Krishna in to the seat i noticed that the home front door had not been closed so I  just turned my back for a second to close the door of the home when i heard a click noise . Krishna had locked the car doors from within using the car's remote key which i had not realized was in his hands. I rushed in panic trying to open windows ,doors on all sides but in vain.I had no spare key as the only other key was with my husband Ram who was in office  and it would take him at least 35 minutes to drive home even if he rushed.The kids were locked inside the car and I kept asking Krishna to press the buttons to unlock but he playfully dropped the remote key and started to play around inside the car as he was not buckled to the car seat yet. He was moving around in the car and playing with the steering wheels and all the controls not realizing the seriousness of the situation. Subhadra on the other hand was held hostage in the car seat so she began to get completely restless by now. I rushed to check if any of my neighbors are home to see if they could come help but all in vain. I had lost my mind by now and was really getting worried about the safety of the kids. Luckily one other neighbour Libby who lives a few homes away was available.She came to my help and called AAA (the car insurance company who offer road side assistance and help us in such unexpected car scenarios). I could not call the AAA myself earlier as my membership card details were also in the wallet inside the car . For a moment there I felt relieved when I knew help was on its way as usually AAA would arrive in 15 minutes or so. I was standing there with my friend trying desperately to calm Subhadra who was crying for me and also trying to get Krishna to settle down without getting hurt inside the car as he was jumping in the car seats. Ram my husband, was on the phone with me all the while trying to comfort me so I can handle the situation better.My friend Libby told me she would be back in a few minutes as she had to lock her doors since she too had come running to help me earlier. So i stood there by myself trying hard to soothe Subhadra who was crying frantically by now and she was sobbing to a point where she was gasping for breath and I felt totally HELPLESS. It was at that moment that I started chanting the Mahamantra to comfort her because that is what I usually do at home to calm when they are upset or to help them sleep.So i started singing it . I could not bear to see Subhadra cry so hard and rushed inside the home to check if there was another key or something with which i could open the doors , Of all the places in the home I went straight up to a kitchen cabinet ,opened one particular box out of 2 other containers that were there and pulled out the third spare key which I did not even know existed and rushed back to open the doors and grabbed the babies out . I hugged them to my heart's content and brought them safely into the home . Called AAA cancelled the help request, thanked my friend Libby and comforted the babies,spoke to my mother in india, assured Ram that we were all safe and once I sat down on the couch only then it dawned on me that I had ran into the house in panic and within seconds picked up a key that I DID NOT EVEN KNOW we had,that too from the right spot and got the babies out in no time. All this had happened once I started chanting the mahamantra and calling out to Guruji. Up until then i had relied on my own futile efforts running madly to get help from neighbours and the AAA etc and only when all else failed and I could not bear to see my daughter cry had I chanted the mahamantra only to recieve His grace and the solution to my problem all with in a matter of few minutes.It only reminded me of our SWamiji's lecture where he mentions how Draupadi tried all means to protect herself and only when she completely surrendered and called out to Krishna for help did He come to her rescue. Similarly even after having experienced multiple life situations where NAMA has saved me I so foolishly tried to get help from all other wordly sources but once I felt so helpless and chanted the mahamantra I was able to get my babies out of the car safely. Swamiji's abundant grace and Nama has once again blessed and protected us from harm. Sathgurunath Maharaji Ki Jai.

- Zenitha Ram,
Houston, Texas, USA

A few months back, I have received a call from my close relative, residing in Kanchipuram, that his new born baby was hospitalised due to high Jaundice. When I rushed to the hospital the situation was so gloomy.

The complication is the new born was sleeping all the day and didn’t react or cry even when injected and tossed in her legs. Seeing the ‘soft vegetable’ state of the infant, the doctors were clueless and we were too. Even after a few days there was no sign of slightest improvement. Doctors were hopeless and advised us to take the baby to any popular hospital in Chennai. Everyone feared that there could be some major issues in the brain and she got admitted in the hospital at Chennai. We started chanting MahaMantra incessantly.

Then we thought of surrendering unto the Lotus Feet of our merciful Guru Maharaj for the wellness of the Baby. After listening to the minute details of happenings, He showed His Finger to our divine couple Madhurisaki samedha Premika Varadha Thakurji symbolising that They would take care. Sri Guruji also assured with a full positive note saying “Everything will be Alright Soon”. It indeed was a memorable moment in our life. “Getting an assurance from an ultimate assurer “

Within few days of submitting our prayer to Sri Swamiji, there was tremendous improvement in the baby’s condition and she was behaving normally and started crying to the immense relief to all of us. The results of the tests were also normal and Doctors suggested that there is no need for any further medication.

Upon seeing the miraculous recovery we continued chanting the MahaMantra by sitting in the very prayer hall of the hospital. That’s the only way to show our gratitude. With tears rolling down the cheeks, our eyes casually browsed through the prayer hall.  Suddenly our eyes blossomed fully in surprise – Yes!- Sri Swamiji’s smiling picture with MahaMantra is pasted in that prayer hall.  Only the experienced can cherish/explain the bound of joy at that moment.

Namaskarams and Radhe Radhe to  Sri Swamiji and our beloved divine couple.

Jai Gurunath

Ravi Krishnamurthy

A month ago i write prayer request to namadwaar regarding my digestive problem burping trouble acid reflux which i have been suffering for 6 years now.
It has been miraculously cured since i got the reply from Swamiji that 'Krishna blesses you'.
This incident is amazingly miraculous that i have been cured 80% from that trouble.
Please all of you chant with staunching faith and get benefited.
Hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare
Hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare.

California, USA

Last year August '13 , i had a big problem in my office and situation forced me to quit the job. I was literally worried about my future. After quitting my job, i came to my home town. One day my neighbour told me , there was a Sundara Kandam discourse is going on in Namadwaar rendered by Sri.Murali Ji. I went to namadwaar to hear that discourse. It was 10 days discourse , without fail i went all the days to Namadwaar. After 10th day, i regularly went to Namadwaar Morning and Evening to chant the Mahamantra. Within a month, i got a call from a company to come for interview. I attended the interview and got a good job. Mahamantra really has a power. I am happy today and continue chanting the Mahamantra.

Its all Guruji blessing and Nama experience.

Anand Lakshmanan