Choosing a career path is one of the most crucial stages of a person’s life. This one decision determines the quality of all spheres of our life – personal, social, financial, emotional, so on and so forth. As vital as this decision is, we find on the contrary, that we hardly do any rational analysis before making it. There are a few basic and extremely generic parameters based on which one decides his/her career path – the subjects that he/she scored the highest; the choice of college in terms of fee structure, proximity to home, ease of access, brand value, etc., and the prospective job opportunities and financial stability in life. One hardly gives a thought about the amount of interest one may have in that field.


Everyone has a hidden talent. There is not one human creation of God that has not been blessed with even one hidden skill. For one it could be in music, for another in art, for some other in speaking well, or a good memory power, one may be good in composing songs, another may be good at remembering numbers, some other might have the inherent qualities of a good leader. How do we identify such hidden talent in us?


Humans are completely integrated with the society. The opinions of friends, kin and neighbourhood are most often an accurate measure of a person’s nature. By paying a close attention to the casual observations of our close circle of friends and relatives, we can judge our inherent skill better. ‘Hey! How well you speak! You have such a command over your language’, ‘You have such a hearty sense of humor! You are a born comedian’, ‘You sing so well!’, ‘Look at how you hold on to words and start an argument. You would make a great lawyer!’,  ‘Your attention to detail is incredible. You must be in the CBI’…and the like might be frequent comments that we have heard from them since childhood. That is the real hidden talent within us. Nurturing our inherent talent is a sure path to success.


Sincere effort leads to success - is a known formula. Sincere effort in the RIGHT DIRECTION leads to sure success – is a time tested success formula. When one’s job is one that taps his inherent talent, passion and career are holding hands already. When passion and career path are in harmony, one is sure to excel! Not just excel in the academic, financial and social front, but also in the emotional and personal front. When one works to become, and not just to acquire, he loves the journey as much as the destination!