Smiling face, loving heart, noble soul

......and a dear friend!

I am sure that you have all come across questionnaires that assess the mind, where you are asked to name the first thing that comes to mind when something is told. If I were to play that game and the name that is mentioned to me is "Ramaswamy" , the first thought that flashes in my mind is that exuberant smile that spontaneously breaks out on his face at every single instance.  In a most accurate way, it represents the  "ever-happy and cheerful" personality that our satsangh friends especially in the USA, know better as Houston Sri Ramaswamyji, a dear friend to me since school days.


When I first joined the school in Chennai where Ramaswamy was already a student, I still remember how  his sweet childlike smile, warm/selfless nature and the willingness to 'walk the extra mile' for others made us good friends instantly and has now blossomed into a relationship as brothers in Guru Maharaj's satsangh that I cherish the most. I can tell you with utmost certainty and sincerity that the adorable traits that endear all to him to this day, have always been part of him and have only grown sweeter with time.



After a brief period when we were tied up with our own lives in college, I was sweetly surprised to see him walk into Premika Bhavanam one day to have darshan of our Guru Maharaj. Life is a journey that always surprises us with unexpected twists and turns and nobody has experienced it first hand than our Ramaswamyji. Pushed into a situation where he had to single-handedly bear the entire burden of his family while he was still trying to find his feet in life, he gracefully did it with the blessings of Guru Maharaj , his hard work, positive attitude and mental toughness.

A pharmacist by profession he literally worked his way up in life from roaming in the streets of Chennai in the unforgiving summer as a medical representative to a brief stint in Africa in order to support his family and himself. He finally found a lucrative job as a pharmacist in a reputed company in the U.S. where he lived for 6 years making a name for himself professionally.



While all this was happening on one side, his heart craved for the moment when he would be able to give all this up and engage in full-time seva of the Guru. That moment finally arrived in 2015! After having taken care of all his responsibilities as a son, he took the plunge into the blissful ocean of Guru seva.

After undergoing proper training in the scriptures especially Srimad Bhagavatham and Srimad Ramayanam , Sri Ramaswamy ji today serves in the USA as our full-time representative at our Houston Namadwaar. His sole driving force is to fullfill the responsibility that our Guru Maharaj has entrusted upon him to take the glorious mahamantra everywhere in the US.  While serving as a resident at Houston Namadwaar primarily as ordained by Guru Maharaj, he also travels occasionally within the US conducting satsanghs and inspiring many people in the path of Bhagavata dharma taught by our Guru Maharaj. The blissful journey that marks his love for Guru Maharaj and mahamantra , continues gloriously by Guru kripa.

- A dear friend

(Sri Bhagyaji 


Dr Bhagyanathan

Personal Secretary to Sri Sri Swamiji)