Saint Sketch

In this section we attempt to give a brief history of Saints and Mahans. The articles talk about the heights of their devotion to Lord and highlight the interesting incidents that happened in their lives, every time showing that the Lord is ever present by their side.

Ram Naam, which had become part and parcel of the timid, shy boy, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, transformed him into Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhiji showed the path of Ahimsa to the world. Leaders like Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela followed Gandhiji’s Ahimsa movement in their battle against oppressors. ‘Bapu’ (Father), as he came to be known, wielded the magic wand of ‘Ramanaam’ to cut the fetters that held Mother India in bondage! Born in British India, Bapu left his mortal coil in free India.

 “G A N D H I” – the name became a synonym for Truth and Ahimsa (non-violence). Mohandas Karamachand Gandhi’s ‘Brahmastra’ (the most powerful weapon) in his battle against British rule in India was Ahimsa. Lakhs of people had sacrificed their personal lives in the cause of securing freedom for India but Bapu, as Gandhiji is affectionately known, taught the Indians the use of the weapon Ahimsa and not violence and hatred against the oppressors. Gandhiji observed silence for a day, every week. He felt that this practice brought him inner peace and made him a better listener.

 Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born on 2nd October 1869, at Porbandar, to Karamchand Gandhi and his wife Putlibai, a very devout woman. Mohandas was greatly influenced by his devout mother. Uttamchand, Mohandas’s grandfather was a Diwan (Prime Minister) of the Porbandar state. His father, Karamchand, also served as Diwan of Porbandar, Rajkot and Vankaner states.

 The Moon was eclipsed on the 23rd Phalguna, 1407 Sakabda, with the English calendar showing 18th February, 1486. It was then that in Mayapur in the Town of Nadia, Sachi Devi the devoted wife of the pious Brahmin Jagannath Misra gave birth to the divine child, who was to storm the earth with Hari Namakirtan, the only succour to this Age of Kali. Jagannath Misra was the son of Madhukar Misra.

At the time of his birth people, as per religious injunction, were bathing in the Ganga crying out 'Haribol!'. Sachi Devi's father Pandit Nilambara Chakravarti was a renowned astrologer. He prophesied that this child would turn out to be a great personage. He, therefore, named him Visvambhara. His mother called him Nimai as he was born near the nimba tree. The women in the neighborhood called him Gaurhari as he was of golden complexion. Nimai had an elder brother Viswarupa. The infant always cried but stopped on hearing the sound of 'Haribol!' He had great attachment to the Divine Name even from birth. Thus the house of the One who had come to lead the people caught in the mire of world to the Lotus Feet of the Lord through the easy path of chanting the Mahamantra always reverberated with the sound of the Lord's Divine Name.