Sometimes we may have to offer obeisance to elderly people who stay nearby on special occasions like Diwali, Navaratri etc. even though they are not right authorities to offer blessings. What do we do in such cases?

When you prostrate unto them thinking of your Guru or Jagadguru Sri Krishna, the obeisance goes to your Guru or Sri Krishna.

We prostrate to our parents, Guru and God. Everyone does it in a different way. One lays down his whole body flat. Women bend up to their knees. Vaishnavites do it 3 times in one stroke. Some people while prostrating flat cross their legs. What does each one mean? What is the right way to prostrate? What should one think while prostrating?

When someone visits us, we get up and invite them with a smile. To show respect to elders or God, we tie our ‘uttariiyam’ on our hips. Similarly, prostration is a way to show our respect to the Lord or the Guru.

Head is considered a vital part of one’s body. Hence having one’s head touch the feet of the one to whom one prostrates is considered total surrender. Moreover, divine forces radiate from the hands and feet of the Guru and prostration transfers some of these divine forces from the Guru to the disciple.

The Shastras prescribe that a few parts of the woman’s body not touch the ground and hence women prostrate differently. The other ways of prostrations depends purely on the Sampradaya of their elders / Acharyas and don’t have any other inner implication.

When prostrating, one should humbly submit to the Lord with the thought that he is totally surrendering to the Lord and henceforth is His property and that the Lord take care of him.