Though I am praying to God always and participate in Nama Sankirtanam, Bhajan, Sahasranamam, Tiruppugazh etc., after attending few days in between, again the laziness creeps in. When I am not attending the Bhajan etc., my mind also becomes sad and I get troubled with confusion. How do I overcome this laziness and have a regular satsang to be happy always?

There is no other best satsang than the Divine Name of the Lord. That will be equivalent to all the bhajans and satsangs you attend traveling far and wide. Stay in your home and chant the Mahamantra always. That is the greatest shelter one can get. When you chant the Mahamantra continuously, your laziness will also go away.

Swamiji always says Satsang is very important. How does a person attain Satsang? I am not in a position to be a part of any Satsang now. We have to keep away from worldly matters - but I fear that my family circumstances will never let me keep away from worldly association. Swamiji, please tell me how to love Krishna inspite of all the hurdles? Will Krishna's grace carry me through it?

Chanting Krishna Nama ensures that the love for the Lord deepens. When love for the Lord deepens, Satsang will come to you on its own accord. Chant and pray with faith to Krishna and this is the easiest way for Divine grace. Be like a child in the care of Krishna. He knows what to give, when to give and how to give.