Recently I happened to visit a proposed temple site where preparations were on for the consecration. I saw the archavathar (main deity) that was to be consecrated there. The Lord was seated as if in a meditative posture and very beautiful. I sat there looking at Him in a focused manner for a while.

When I sat to meditate that night, it was that form of the Lord that kept coming to my mind. His face was so beautiful. I thought to myself, ‘His face resembles that of our Srinivasa Perumal. The eyes, nose, smile and all features were so captivating. Are the adornments the only way to differentiate one form of the lord from another?’

At that second, Srinivasa Perumal appeared before me in meditation. I could clearly see His Divine Eyes. They looked like elegant lotuses in full bloom. He made me realise that the name Pundareekakshan (the lotus eyed) befits Him, and Him Alone. His eyes do not resemble that pf any other! Needless to say, as I looked at Him, lost in his beauty, His Forehead, Lips, Cheeks, Nose, and His Entire Disposition were absolutely enchanting!