Sanskrit Sloka

नैमिषेऽनिमिषक्षेत्रे ऋषय: शौनकादय: ।
सत्रं स्वर्गाय लोकाय सहस्रसममासत ॥

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English Transliteration

naimishe animishakshetre rshaya: saunakAdaya: |
satram svargAya lOkAya sahasrasamamAsata ||


नैमिषे In Naimisharanya,
अनिमिष क्षेत्रे  the sacred land of Lord Mahavishnu
शौनकादय: ऋषय:   the revered sage Saunaka and other Rishis
सत्रं आसत    performed a Satra Yaga
सहस्रसमं over a period of thousand years
स्वर्गाय लोकाय   to attain higher worlds

Verse Meaning

In Naimisharanya, the sacred land of Lord Mahavishnu, the revered sage Saunaka and other Rishis performed a Satra Yaga over a period of thousand years to attain higher worlds.


Naimisharanya is a place in Uttar Pradesh. It is a forest as the name ‘Aranya’ also implies. It is said that Lord Vishnu himself took the form of a forest and it is this Naimisharanya. This place is held with great reverence because it was here that the Puranas and epics were first narrated. Needless to say, it is filled with the sanctity of Lord Vishnu.

Once, great Rishis like Saunaka and others gathered here to perform a ‘Satra Yaga’ which is performed for a period of thousand years in order to attain the higher worlds. Here the word ‘Swarga’ is interpreted to mean ‘Vaikunta’, the abode of Lord Vishnu and not heaven which it directly means.

These Rishis, being great devotees of Lord Vishnu and who had given up all worldly pleasures for the sake of the Lord, would not perform a Yaga to merely attain Heaven.