Sanskrit Sloka

प्रायेणाल्पायुष: सभ्य कलावस्मिन् युगे जना: ।
मन्दा: सुमन्दमतयो मन्दभाग्या ह्युपद्रुता: ॥ १०

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English Transliteration

prAyENalpAyusHa: sabhya kalAvasmin yugE janA: |
mandA: sumandamatayO manda bhAgyA hyupadrutA: || (10)


सभ्य Oh ! Well cultured one!
अस्मिन् कलौ युगे  In this age of Kali
जना: People
प्रायेण generally
अल्पायुष: have short life spans
मन्दा: are lazy,
सुमन्दमतय: are extremely dull- witted
मन्दभाग्या: have loads of misfortunes
उपद्रुता हि and are afflicted by miseries

Verse Meaning

Oh ! Well cultured one!
In this age of Kali, People generally have short life spans are lazy, are extremely dull- witted, have loads of misfortunes and are afflicted by miseries.


This verse describes the sad state of the people of Kali Yuga. The people - short-life-spans, dull-witted, lazy, unfortunate and miserable. Sri Swamiji says - “ One who reads this might wonder - “With all the modern medical facilities life-span must be more ! How does the Bhagavatam say that men are अल्पायुष: - “short lived”. Compared to the life of men who lived in other ages, nearly many thousand years as in the case of Rama who ruled for 11,000 odd years, the life spanning 80 - 100 years is very very short, isn’t it? Moreover one may ask - ‘ How can you call the people of this age who lead a fast life to be lazy for they are always “busy”? . I say - They create their own schedules for their own selfish benefits and pretend to be “busy” with that while they are always failing to do what is expected of them as human-beings”.

Another person may sneer - “ How do you call the people of today as extremely dull-witted? We have sent so many spaceships to space and have created great revolutions in technologies in all fields? ” For this the reply is - this knowledge is not considered as true knowledge by the Wise. These people might be very intelligent in all these fields but have no or zero knowledge when it comes to spirituality. Only that knowledge that leads us to God-realization is KNOWLEDGE.

Next the Bhagavatam says -- मन्दभाग्या: -- that is they are filled with misfortunes. It is because the people of Kali lack the inclination to seek the company of the holy satsang which is the highest fortune that one can possess.

And even when rarely, such a desire occurs, they are hindered by some miseries like disease, accidents, calamities, etc. उपद्रुता: . Some might face these obstacles even in the form of relatives who prevent them from anything divine. Kali has deteriorated to such an extent that parents would not be bothered if their child goes to a late night party or social function but would be greatly disturbed if he/she is a regular to a temple or Satsang.