Sanskrit Sloka

त एकदा तु मुनय: प्रातर्हुतहुताग्नय: ।
सत्कृतं सूतमासीनं पप्रच्छुरिदमादरात् ॥

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English Transliteration

ta ekadA tu munaya: prAtarhutahutAgnaya: |
satkritam sUtamAsInam paprachuritamAdarAt ||


एकदा     Once
प्रात:  at the time of dawn
ते मुनय: तु    all the Maharishis
हुतहुताग्नय:    who performed the daily rituals and rites by offering oblations to the Agnis which they possessed
आदरात् पप्रच्छु: asked with adoration
सूतं    to Sage Suta
सत्कॄतं    who was well- honored by them
आसीनं    was seated appropriately
इदं the following

Verse Meaning

Once at the time of dawn, all the Maharishis who performed the daily rituals and rites by offering oblations to the Agnis which they possessed, asked with adoration to Sage Suta who was well- honored by them and seated appropriately, the following


Usually in Yagas (sacrifices), there would be intervals (विरामकाल) when these Rishis would be free of any activity. These times were utilized by them to listen to the narration of Itihas and Puranas which extol the Lord. They would not spend that time in any other manner or take rest. During one such recess, these Rishis in Naimisharanya who were eager to listen to the glories of the Lord welcomed Suta Pauraanika who was a great exponent of Itihasas and Puranas.

Who was Suta? Suta was the son of Romaharshana, a disciple of Veda Vyasa. Romaharshana, apparently got that name because he used to experience horripilations in ecstasy at the very mention of the Lord’s names or glories. ‘Sutas’ are those who do not possess the right to learn the Vedas, but are proficient in rendering Epics and Puranas. Their lineage inherits this knowledge of Puranas from generation to generation.

This Suta Pouranika who entered Naimisharanya at the juncture of Satra Yaga was received with great honour and respect by the Rishis and was offered a Pita (an elevated seat). It is to be noted that though these exalted Maharishis were far superior to Suta (by birth), they treated Suta with great reverence because he was proficient in expounding the glories of the Lord. They hereby teach us that one must approach with humility and treat with reverence a Pauranika when we wish to hear the glories of the Lord.

With great adoration, the Rishis asked Suta, the following.