Sanskrit Sloka

ऋषय ऊचु:
त्वया खलुपुराणानि सेतिहासानि चानघ ।
आख्यातान्यप्यधीतानि धर्मशास्त्राणि यान्युत ॥

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English Transliteration

rishaya uchu:
tvayA khalu purANAni sEthihAsAni chAnaGa |
AkhyAtAnyapyaDhItAni DharmashAstrANi yAnyuta ||


ऋषय ऊचु: The Rishis spoke --
अनघ   Oh ! Noble blemishless soul!
पुराणानि उत    All the various Puranas
सेतिहासानि along with epics such as ‘Mahabharata’
यानि धर्मशास्त्राणि च and other Dharma Shastras too
अधीतानि have been mastered by you
अपि Moreover
आख्यातानि खलु     they have also been imparted (to many)
त्वया by you

Verse Meaning

The Rishis spoke:
Oh! Noble blemishless soul! All the various Puranas along with the epics such as Mahabharata and other Dharma Shastras too have been mastered by you. Moreover, they have also been imparted (to many) by you.


The Rishis, now, extol Suta for his erudition.

It is a tradition to praise the God, Guru and revered persons while we approach them for invaluable higher truths and teachings. According to that the Rishis elaborate on Suta’s scholarliness and also say that his knowledge has been imparted to many worthy disciples by him.