Suno! Suno! Sadhuji!

Our saints have given us, through their compositions, a wealth of knowledge on topics from precepts for balanced worldly living to the means to attain the Supreme Truth. A section that presents to you practical stories that bring out the beauty and greatness of such compositions. - 'Suno! Suno! Sadhuji!'

“Oh! I just don’t believe this!” cried Sadhana. With her kitchen chores done for the evening, Kirtana, who had just walked into the hall, was surprised to find Sadhana talking to herself with a book in her hand. It was Kirtana’s favourite ‘Stories from Srimad Bhagavata Mahapurana’.

“Sadhana! What is so unbelievable in Srimad Bhagavata Mahapurana?”

“Ma! Have you read this incident about how Queen Draupadi excused the criminal Ashwattama who murdered her beloved children who were asleep? And say what! She doesn’t stop there! She prostrates unto him and requests Arjuna to spare him.” 

Sixteen year old Sadhana was sitting in the backyard seriously trying to mould some clay.

Kirtana, Sadhana’s Mother, came up to her and asked, “Sadhana! What are you trying to do?”

“Ma! I saw Archana aunty mould some clay into Hanumanji! Am trying too… But it seems so tough! She did it effortlessly.”

“Sadhana! Come along with me, let me tell you.”

Both of them came and sat in the hall and Kirtana continued,

 Sadhana looked drowned in some thought as she absent mindedly placed her school bag right on the sofa in hall and sat down. Kirtana, who had heard the door open, came and sat beside Sadhana and asked, “What’s the matter dear? Everything fine at school?”

“Oh Yes ma! No worries at school at all. But my friend Aasha was telling me how dejected her family was since her father did not get the desired promotion in his workplace.”

“Ah! That happens for so many Sadhana! Was she so upset that it has set you thinking about it so deeply?”

Kirtana noticed Sadhana sitting in the verandah, her small round face looking long and oval and holding her face in her palms. She seemed lost in her own thoughts. Kirtana tapped her gently and sat beside her with a questioning expression. “Everything is fine with school Sadhana?”

“Oh yes ma! Everything is absolutely fine except me!”

“Why dear, is something bothering you?”

                     Kirtana and Sadhana were waiting at airport to receive Karuna, who was flying from Mumbai. Sadhana ran forward to meet her childhood friend with smile lighting up her face! Kirtana welcomed Karuna with a warm hug! As they drove home, Sadhana enquired all about Karuna’s family and her studies. After refreshing herself, Karuna joined Sadhana and Kirtana for breakfast.

“It’s a busy life in Mumbai, isn’t it Karuna?” asked Kirtana over the table.

“Yes Aunty! It is! And if something comes to disrupt the normal life…my god! It is tough time getting back to schedules!”

“Hmm! True!” agreed Sadhana.

Sadhana waved to her neighbor Prema, who was playing with her 8 months old son Harsha, as she walked towards the garden.

“ How cheerful small kids are! See this Harsha… he always seems to be so blissful”, she thought as she walked to find her mother Kirtana watering plants.

“Ma! How I wish I could be always happy like our little Harsha next door!” said Sadhana as she helped her mother with watering.

“Sadhana! You are not alone in this! Everybody wants just that and is indeed in constant pursuit of such uninterrupted happiness!”

“Ah! But no one seems to be happy always save these little tots who are yet to bear the burden of books and exams!” said Sadhana smiling.

“Oh! It was fun with Kamna, Mansa,Kanchana and all Ma!! Just imagine if we had not got the tickets to Mumbai! I would have missed all fun!” Kirtana was happy to see her daughter Sadhana jump in joy. They had been to a wedding of her cousin and it was indeed a family reunion!

Sadhana was excitedly talking about all that happened there at the function when she suddenly said, “Ma! How nice and happy our mind becomes in the company of relatives and our loved ones isn’t it?”

Kritana lovingly nodded and said, “It is true Sadhana. But have you ever had a better experience that you relished more than this?”