Live Description about the 25th brahmothsavam of Sri Sri Madhurisakhi and Sri Premika varadhan in madhurapuri ashram on radha kalyanam day!

The day began early before dawn

Everywhere on floor kolams drawn

People jostling here and there

Happily chit-chatting about this grand affair

The place well cleaned and well lit

Large & spacious for everyone to stand & sit

With fragrant flowers hanging from the ceiling

The hall instilled a heavenly feeling

Red green yellow gold and blue

Women dressed in all ways they could do

Men in pure spotless white

Their dhothies shimmering bold and bright

Children running around everywhere

Picking up sweets and fighting for their share

All beautiful songs well-tuned and well sung

Reverberated divinity within the old and young

Harmonica dhol tumburu and taal

Rised the spirit of not one but all

No one can help, but clap their heart out

Their spirits rised like a water from a spout

Everyone eagerly awaiting the moment

When they could see the couple and comment

Alas! the screen opened to reveal

The cosmic couple, with a Godly appeal

Adorned with  extravagance and grace

Ready to shower upon us their grace

Of their gorgeousness every-time i say,

Not worldly word comes my way!

Its not just an usual human wedding drama

But the reunion of jeevan with paramathma

Its the wedding of the courage & the compassion

When worldliness is washed away by selfless passion

Everyone gathered there were the couple’s kin

Deep inside their soul and not just the skin

With all their sorrow and sins supressed

They come here not to bless but get blessed

Work promotion, childbirth, wealth

Prosperity, peace and good health

Divinity, spiritualism and meditation

Contentment bhakthi and liberation

Anything worldly and heavenly, we wish

Gets fulfilled at once within a swish!

For more than a quarter century now,

Every year  this wedding is a huge hit anyhow!

Sitting enthralled amidst the crowd what do i ask for?

Just to attend this holy extravaganza every year,what else more!!


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