Nama Sapthaham at Pandharpur

7th – 13th January 2019
6 am – 6 pm
Venue: Padmasali Dharmashala

Akhanda Mahamantra Kirtan in the divine presence of Sri Sri Swamiji.

This is not a tour/yatra. Visits to places in and around will not be arranged. Devotees who are interested in attending are requested to arrange their own travel and accommodation. Prasadam/food will be provided by organisers.

It is recommended that, only those devotees who have a strong liking for chanting Mahamantra to take part in this satsang.

Weather forecasts inform that temperatures would be as low as 16 degrees centigrade.

Please Note: Since, the weather would be cold, participants are advised to take appropriate measures. Organisers will not be arranging any medical assistance. No doctor will be part of the group. Participants are requested to take care of their own medical needs.

For further queries, please contact Mrs. Kalpana Iyer: 9789927202
To make your own arrangements for accommodation, please contact the manager of Padmashali (Mr. Pendal): 9403293263

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