Premika Vidya Kendra – Gurugram

Gurgaon is a place near New Delhi (or Indraprastha), in the state of Haryana. In this place a temple known as Premika Vidya Kendra has been built exclusively for the divine granthas of our Gurunathar Sri Sri Anna, and daily puja is being done. It was started in February 2008. The daily pujas and rituals are being taken care of and performed by a former student of our patasala Sri Krishnakant. He also does daily parayanam. A sama veda patasala also functions here. Three vidyarthis are doing the samaveda adhyayanam here. Sri Ashish Pandey, a former student of our patasala is teaching samaveda pata here. Sri Chandan Pathak is teaching the children Sanskrit and “kavya paat”. Tribhuvan is looking after the complete well-being of these children. The tenth anniversary of this Premika Vidya Kendra was celebrated on the 10th and 11th of March this year.

Sri Sri Anna arrived at Premika Vidya Kendra at around 7.45a.m on 10th March. Devotees welcomed Him with chanting of vedas and nama keertan. After Sri Sri Anna’s arrival there was akhanda mahamantra keertan. The Shuddha Premika Vidya Kendra students did pravachan on
10th evening and 11th morning.

The pravachans were done by –
1. Brahmashri Kapilavasudevan – Dhruva Charitram
2. Sri Gadhadharan – Ajamilan Charitram
3. Brahmasri Sridhar – Ambarishan Charitram
4. Sri Harihara Sybramanian – Krishna Jananam
5. Sri Sriram – Kaliyanardhanam
6. Sri Sanath Kumar – Rukmini Kalyanam

On 10th night a Premika Sampradaya divyanamam was done by Vishnuradha Bagavatar and Vaidyanatha Bagavatar. The next morning the vidyarthis of Shuddha Premika Vidya Kendra offered a pushpanjali for Sri Sri Anna. Devotees who reveled in satsang participated and enjoyed the bliss. Our Gurunathar left from there and proceeded to Sri Bridavan to participate in the Holi utsav.
The tenth anniversary was celebrated thus in a sweet manner.


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