To Our Sri Ji, On His Birthday!

Indeed this is the historic day,
To which I am grateful for, everyday
The day, God chose to be a man
Taking the most elegant form he can!
To save the world from it’s utter dread
Of being born,reborn and dead.
You are here to show the easiest of routes
Diggin it deep from our spiritual roots
To take us towards the ultimate bliss
By walking and talking amongst us!
Being our friend, philosopher and guide,
Your real divine form you do hide.
Being all and having all,
You stand before us majestic and tall!
On this day, great day, Your Birthday
Everyone’s brought something to give or say!
Being the smallest and silly what could I give ?
Nurtured by your compassion here I live!
Expensive clothes, metals or money
All these seem uncertain and unworldly!
In front of all the grace you have showered on me
All my offerings seem so meaningless and tiny!
I stand here having nothing to offer, but me
My wholehearted word of surrender to thee!
Bowing at your holy feet, here I plea,
Take me in your boat, across the worldly sea!
Being born in your era is what I cherish
For, it’s the greatest of everything I may ever accomplish!!!

-Radhika Ramasubramaniam(RaMa)

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