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‘Astrology and jivan mukti’ - an interesting perspective

‘Jataka Paarijatham’ is a Tamil Astrology book written by Shri Vedalingabhattar.
There is a verse as below:

ஈராறுக்குடையோன் வாக்கில் இருந்திட சசியும் கேதும்
ஓராறும் மூன்றில் சார்ந்திட கதிர்பார்க்க உதயம் தன்னைப்
பேரான பொண்ணன் நோக்க பெருஞானி ஜீவன் முக்தன்
நேரான சான்றோர் அன்று நிகழ்த்தினர் உணர்வாய் மாதே

Its meaning :

When the owner of the twelfth house is in the second house, Moon and Ketu together in the ninth house with Sun aspecting (seeing) them and Jupiter aspecting the ‘Lagna’ (ascendant), then that ‘Jatakan’ (person having the horoscope) shall live to be a great Jnani and Jivan Mukta!

As an exercise, if we observe Ramana Maharshi’s horoscope, we observe the following:


When we see all the characteristics of being a Jivan Mukta in the horoscope of a great Jivan Mukta - Sri Ramana Maharshi, does this only vindicate that Sri Ramana Maharshi is a jivan Mukta? Doesn’t it also vindicate the veracity of astrology itself?

Week of Life…

The seven days of a week influences our life.  Indeed  a week represents our life; astrologically too!

How? Sri Sri Swamiji gives a beautiful explanation…. Read on….

The prime cause of one’s birth is his father.  Sunday, as the name goes, is the day of the Sun.  And it is the first day of the week.    Astrologically speaking, Sun represents the father!

 It is through the Mother that one comes into being.Monday which is the day of the Moon. And astrologically, Moon represents the mother, and hence it is the second day of the week.

After the mother conceives her child, she gives birth to the child who lands on this earth.Tuesday – called as ‘Mangalvaara’ – is the day of Mars.  (In Sanskrit Mars is ‘Mangal’).  In astrological terms, Mars represents land.


As a child the little one goes out seeking education to improve knowledge.Wednesday called ‘Budhavaara’ – is the day after the planet Budha – Mercury.   As per astrology, the planet Mercury represents education. 


After acquiring worldly knowledge, one then goes to the feet of a Guru for wisdom.Thursday is ‘Guruvaara’ - the day named after Guru – Jupiter, the planet that represents wisdom.  


After acquiring knowledge and wisdom, one enjoys comforts and pleasures in life according to his level.Friday - Shukravaara’ is the day named after Shukra  - the planet Venus which represents pleasure in astrological parlance. 

Then the span of life comes to an end.Saturday – ‘shanivaara’ is the day named after Shani – the planet Saturn which represents death – signifying the end of one’s life!And then, it goes in circles!

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