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We read in our science, that Sir Isaac Newton discovered gravitation, the property of the earth to pull objects - when he saw an apple falling down.In our scriptures, we find that this earth is held by a deity by the name Sankarshanan. ‘Aakarshan’ means the force of attraction. So the concept of gravity was not at all new to the ancient Maharshis.

The rainbow

When one goes to Navagraha temples, he finds that only the Sun God has a chariot. The chariot is driven by 7 horses, not 6, not 8 , but exactly seven horses.

Do you know the significance of the 7 horses? Modern scientific discoveries show that the Sun’s rays comprises of 7 colours , VIBGYOR. In fact in the temples we find that the horses are colored as per the VIBGYOR pattern!
Such great scientific truths are embedded in our religion.
Only people who do not want to go deeper into the facts, would try to ridicule such great concepts in our Religion.

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