Glory to our Discipline! Glory to our Satsang!!

I am writing this letter just as soon as the Brahmotsav of Madhuri Sakhi Samedha Sri Premika Varadan concluded at Madhurapuri. I had written to you all that my wish is that the Janmashtami Utsav of Sri Krishna is celebrated at every Namadwaar and Kendra. I had also conveyed to you all that celebrating in your Namadwaars and kendras would give me more happiness and joy than all of you joining the celebrations at Madhurapuri. Each and every devotee abided to this wish of mine, like being bound by a mantra. All the devotees took part in the celebrations that happened in their respective Namadwaars and Kendras. Not even one devotee decided in contradiction to my wish. Even devotees belonging to kendras and Namadwaars in proximity to Chennai, did not come. This devotion, obedience and discipline is our satsang’s pride; this is our strength!

In fact, there was a very small gathering at Madhurapuri this year. I was overjoyed in seeing photos, videos and reports from various Namadwaars every single day. Satsangs were organised on behalf of kendras every day. I was very pleased to read reports and see photos of the same.

The most auspicious birth of our beloved Sri Krishna must take place in a grander way, in many more places, with many more thousands of bhaktas joining in, in the years to come.

This year, the Rathotsav of Sri Jagannatha and the Janmashtami utsav of Sri Krishna took place in a very grand manner. Many devotees have worked day and night to make this happen. They have dedicated their body, mind and soul to this most divine purpose. Bhagavan is closely observing this service that each of you are doing for Him. He will definitely bless us in abundance at the right time. Bhagavan holds the bhaktas who surrender to Him tightly with both hands and protects them. His Divine Name will never forsake us. The spirituality within us has been awakened. May this progress abundantly by the Grace of Hari Nama and Guru Seva!

All inadequacies disappear. And there is abundance everywhere, at all times!

Radhe Radhe!

-Muralidhara Swamiji

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