Satsangs by the Kanya Sisters

Vellore :

Srimad  Bhagavatham sapthaham by the Kanya Sisters (Shiv Kanya & Shri Kanya) from 01/05/2019 – 07/05/2019 at Gandhi Nagar, Vellore. The satsang concluded with Nagar Sankirtan and Rukmini Kalyanam.

Madurai :

Srimad Bhagavatham sapthaham from 19/05/2019 – 23/05/2019 at Madurai Namadwaar. The satnsag conlcuded with Nagar Sankirtan and Rukmini Kalyanam.


House Satsangs at Madurai

Sivakasi :

Gopa Kuteeram camp at Sivakasi on 30/05/2019 & 31/05/2019


Thanjavur :

Satsang at the Thanjavur Namadwaar. Nearly 200 bhaktas attended the satsang

Srimad Bhagavatham Sapthaham from 08.06.2019- 14.06.2019 at Thanjavur Namadwaar. the 7 day series concluded with nagarasankirtan and Rukmini kalyanam.



Srimad Bhagavatham sapthaham upanyasam from 21.06.2019-27.06.2019 at Sivakasi Namadwaar.

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