Student Mass Prayers January 2019

Student Mass Prayers were conducted around the areas of Saathur, Taayilpatti, Sivakasi & the nearby villages as per below details:

1) 3rd & 5th Jan’19: Saathur, Sivakasi & surrounding villages, 6 Schools & 2760 Students

2) 4th Jan’19: Taayilpatti & surrounding villages, 4 Schools & 3540 Students


Students Mass Prayers were conducted around Tanjavur and Thoothukudi on the 7th and 8th of January 2019 :

A) 7th January – Around Tirunelveli/Thoothukudi – In 5 schools :  2000 students

B) 8th January – Around Tanjavur – In 4 schools : 2600 students

TOTAL : 9 schools- where 4600 students participated and chanted the Mahamantra

Student Mass Prayers were conducted on the 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th January 2019 :
a) 9th Jan : Around Madurai – 3 Schools & 2100 Students

b) 10th Jan: Around Theni & Podi – 2 Schools & 1500 Students

c) 11th & 12th Jan : Around Nilakottai, Batlagundu & Pattiveerampatti – 3 Schools & 2 Colleges – 3400 Students
Around 7000 students over 8 schools and 2 colleges gathered and chanted the Mahamantra.

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